Damp Proofing Vs Waterproofing: Advantages And Disadvantages

Damp proofing and waterproofing can be perceived as somewhat similar and in a sense, they are. But the terms cannot be used interchangeably due to the significant differences between them. But what are these differences? Damp proofing refers to protection against moisture whereas waterproofing can prevent water penetration…


Make Waterproof a Canvas Tent in 5 Steps

Tents are usually the most important element for adventure lovers to enjoy camping and various outdoors. So you need the best quality tent that will keep you safe from various harsh situations and hostile weather. In this case, the canvas is one of the many conventional tent elements…


Seasoning a Canvas Tent in 5 Easy Steps

The canvas tent is more acceptable to travel lovers for its waterproof ability, durability, and ventilation facilities. A best quality waterproof tent is great for all types of weather. And the canvas fabric material is waterproof but it is not completely waterproof. So it is necessary to seasoning…


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