Waterproof Vs Water Resistant Boots: 6 Key Differences

We’ve all seen people using the terms ‘waterproof’ and ‘water-resistant’ interchangeably. But are they really alike? When it comes to comparing footwear, we need clarity.  The basic difference between waterproof vs water resistant boots is that you can submerge waterproof boots in the water without damaging them whereas…


Top 10 Best Waterproof Tactical Boots (Buying Guide)

We understand how important most comfortable tactical boots are for hiking, military duty, security and public safety works, and any other hazardous work. Keeping your feet from sharp objects, or simply provide with stability around your ankle; good tactical boots are a great option for special operations. While working, at duty…

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The Reliable Way to Waterproof Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are great for keeping your feet warm in winter weather. However, since your suede is not waterproof, it is not suitable for outdoor use in winter So, your Ugg boots need proper treatment so they can stand up in wet weather. Now the question is -…


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