The Reliable Way to Waterproof Ugg Boots

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Ugg boots are great for keeping your feet warm in winter weather. However, since your suede is not waterproof, it is not suitable for outdoor use in winter
So, your Ugg boots need proper treatment so they can stand up in wet weather.
Now the question is – how to waterproof Ugg Boots?
Don’t worry, we’ve been able to find the best way to waterproof your boots. So, let’s learn the waterproof Ugg Boot.


Your boot should be waterproof to protect them from rain, snow, and ice. And the easiest and most amazing way to waterproof your boot is to use a good quality waterproof spray.
The waterproof spray formula creates a protective coat over your boots so that, your shoes are not damaged by moisture or water.


It is best to waterproof your Ugg boots in new condition. But if you want to waterproof after using it, Then You must clean the suede before waterproofing the shoes. Also, if there are any stains on the boots, they should be removed. And must be dry.
You will need:
  • Multi-purpose Ugg Brush.
  • Wet sponge.
  • Sponge and Ugg cleaner.
Remove dirt from the suede: With the help of a multi-purpose Ugg brush, clean all the dirt, dust from the boot well. Gently rub with a brush until the stain is gone.
Wipe the boots: Take a sponge and soak it in water. Wipe the boots lightly with the wet sponge.
Apply Cleaner: Spray Ugg Boot Cleaner in a sponge. This time apply the sponge gently to your boots.
Make sure the cleaner is evenly coated on the entire suede.
Dry the boots: At this stage, your boots need to be well dried. It takes 48 hours to dry. Make sure the boots are dry. Once, they are fully ready to be waterproofed.


If there is no dirt left on your boots and the UGG’s are dry then you can start the process of waterproofing.
You will need:
Apply spray-on Ugg boots: Shake the spray bottle. Put your suede on a newspaper. Spray evenly on each area of ​​the boot. Spray until the boots are damp. Please, Don’t spray over.
Dry the Ugg boots: After finished spraying, keep boots in a ventilated place to dry. Avoid sunlight.
It can take up to 48 hours for the shoes to dry completely. After drying the boots you can brush again if you want.


Ugg boots are very smooth and comfortable. And these shoes are very easy to clean. But, sadly, your boots get damaged when exposed to rain or snow. As a result, most people buy waterproof Ugg boots.
But, if your boots are not waterproof, they should be waterproof for made them are durable and for outdoor use.
So, follow our tips above and make the boots waterproof.

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