How to Waterproof Canvas Shoes- 2 Effective Ways

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No one wants to let their favorite canvas shoes get wrinkled by rainwater or humidity. So for those who are comfortable to wearing canvas shoes, the best solution is to waterproof the shoes.

Nothing more, you should proceed with a wax or a waterproof spray. It really gives incredible results that will surprise you.

I was able to find two options for waterproofing canvas shoes, and I tested these options on of my shoes. Fortunately, I was able to protect my shoes from the water.

So without further ado let’s share my experience.


Method-1: Waterproof Canvas Shoes Using a Waterproofing Spray

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What you need:

  • Waterproof spray
  • Cotton cloth

Step-1: Buy a good quality spray

To waterproof a canvas shoe you need to get a good brand of shoe waterproofing spray. However, most sprays generally do the same job. When you choose a spray, consider whether it contains silicone or acrylic polymer ingredients. These ingredients usually help repel water.


Step-2: Clean the shoes thoroughly

If your pair of shoes are used, clean them thoroughly and remove the laces. Make sure there is no dirt left in the shoes.


Step-3: Apply the spray

Select a ventilated area. A well-ventilated area is necessary to avoid exposure to harmful fumes from the spray. Place the spray can about 8 inches from the shoe and spray the entire shoe. Spray well into each corner of the shoe.


Step-4: Wipe off excess spray

Wipe off excess spray from shoes with a clean cotton cloth. Do this immediately after applying the spray and clean very lightly.


Step-5: Dry the shoes

It usually takes at least 30 minutes for the spray to dry, but it is best to dry them overnight.


Step-6: Re-spray

If you intend to apply multiple coats, allow the spray to dry thoroughly and apply a thin coat. You will repeat this procedure after using the pair of shoes several times.

Method-2: Waterproof Canvas Shoes Using a Beeswax

Waterproofing canvas shoes is easy with Beeswax. You can usually find wax at hardware stores but avoid colored wax.

Whatever you need:

  • Beeswax
  • Hair dryer
  • Metal container
  • Paint brush


Step-1: Clean shoes

If your shoes are dusty then nicely clean it. In that case, you can mix a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. And clean the shoes well with a rag. Make sure no dirt remains. At this stage thoroughly dry it. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before proceeding to the next step.



Step-2: Test the wax

Testing the wax before applying it to the shoes is a good practice. That is, check how your chosen wax will stain the shoes. Therefore make a small mark on an invisible part of the shoe such as the heel or under the sidewall and see.

If the color of the wax blends smoothly into the shoes, it’s okay. Or you may need to change the wax.


Step-3: Rub the wax

Rub the wax well on the front and back of the shoe. Make a thick coating of wax. Make sure the wax is now visible on your shoe. It will disappear when you apply heat here, so not to worry.

Melt it with a hair dryer: At this point take a hair dryer and turn it on. Hold it close to the shoe and melt the wax. The higher its temperature, the faster the wax will melt.

Continue applying heat until the wax disappears. Repeat this process several times. You don’t have to wait long to waterproof canvas shoes with this method. You can wear them within 10 minutes.


Step-4: Add Melted Wax to Shoes

If you don’t want to rub the wax onto your shoes, you can do so by melting the wax. In this case, melt the waxes in a metal container, and place it in a container of hot water.

Now add your melted wax to the shoes with a paint brush. Work the wax well into every part of the shoe. Now heat the shoes with a hair dryer to melt the wax. Continue the process until the wax melt nicely. Allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Which Option Should Be Chosen for Waterproof Canvas Shoes?

Waterproofing shoes with wax is a completely natural idea. This technique is eco-friendly and safe for you. So if you are looking for a natural solution then why not this one?

However, if you waterproof the shoes in this way, they may not breathe. This process will save you money, and if you have an emergency procedure, I would suggest you choose the wax technique. Because it takes less time to dry – you can wear the shoes within 10 minutes of applying the wax.

On the other hand, waterproof sprays are very easy to apply, but you need to take some precautions. Because most of the sprays contain flammable substances which are harmful to the environment and also dangerous to you.

However, to avoid risks, you should choose a ventilated place and take precautions. If you want to waterproof your shoes quickly and easily, definitely choose a waterproofing spray.

So, Now you know the details about the two ways so it’s just your decision how you want to waterproof your shoes.


Waterproofing canvas shoes will not only protect your shoes from water, but waterproofing is also a good idea to protect your shoes from dust and dirt.

Feel free to waterproof the shoes with the wax or spray and watch the spectacle. Proceed to any option as per your choice.

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