Waterproof Vs Regular Mascara: Breaking Down The Pros And Cons

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While it’s tempting to get a new mascara labeled ‘waterproof,’ it’s not necessarily always the best option for you. So, between waterproof vs regular mascara, which one is more suitable for you and why? 

If you are considering mascara for day-to-day use, it’s better to go for regular mascara. On the contrary, waterproof mascara will come in handy on specific occasions.

To understand the difference between them and why they are not suitable for every occasion, make sure to go through the entire article. 

Waterproof Vs Regular Mascara: Advantages And Disadvantages 

Aspect Waterproof Mascara Regular Mascara
Longevity ✔️ Resistant to water, sweat, and moisture ✔️ Easily removed with warm water or remover
Volume and Curl ✔️ Provides volume and holds curls ❌ May not hold curls as effectively
Removal ❌ Requires oil-based remover for removal ✔️ Comes off more easily
Lash Health ❌ Can lead to drier lashes and breakage ✔️ Gentler on lashes
Price ❌ Often pricier ✔️ Generally more affordable
Performance in Humidity ✔️ Withstands humidity and water ❌ May run or smudge in humid conditions
Longevity of Appearance ✔️ Long-lasting effect ❌ Less longevity in appearance
Sensitivity to Rubbing ❌ Can be difficult to rub off ✔️ More likely to smudge with rubbing

Both types of mascaras have some upsides and downsides. By comparing them one by one, you can easily decide which one is more suitable for a particular situation. So, let’s go through them.

Waterproof Mascara 

Waterproof mascara certainly makes its case by creating appealing looks and of course, the waterproof feature. But is it really all good without any downsides?

Of course not. Let’s see what plus sides this mascara has as well as its drawbacks. 


The obvious plus side of waterproof mascara is its long-lasting durability. Even when you’re sweating, the mascara won’t smudge. The same goes for any situation where you may have to deal with water or moisture. 

For instance, many people have naturally watery eyes. Waterproof mascara may prove to be their best friend. Overall, waterproof mascara is lucrative like any other waterproof makeup product. 

Another upside of waterproof mascara is the volume. Because waterproof mascara has added ingredients, it holds up well. In addition, it keeps the lashes curled for a longer period compared to other options. 

People who struggle to keep their eyelashes curled even after using a curler can certainly rely on waterproof mascara to keep their looks consistent. 


As excellent as waterproof mascara sounds, there are some drawbacks to consider. Because of its waterproof nature, this type of mascara is extremely difficult to remove. You need to use an oil-based remover. You can also use oil to remove the mascara before washing your face. 

You will be surprised to notice that the mascara won’t come off entirely after washing your face if you haven’t used an oil-based remover. Even then, you may have to rub your eyes hard which may cause you to lose a few lashes. 

You will have to take the time to entirely remove the mascara too. Leaving products on your lashes from a waterproof mascara may cause bacteria build-up. So, make sure you’re always being careful about it. 

Another downside of waterproof mascara is that it prevents moisture from getting to the lashes. This leads to drier lashes. Dry lashes are more prone to breakage. 

Waterproof mascara is usually pricier than regular mascara too. Even though it depends on the brand you’re choosing, you may have to pay some extra bucks for this type of mascara.

Regular Mascara

Regular mascara usually cannot provide long-lasting results. But, if you are thinking about your lash health, it is the more sensible choice. Let’s break down the pros and cons one by one. 


Regular mascara is easy to remove. They are more likely to come off with warm water. However, experts still suggest that you use an oil-based remover. 

Regardless of what you’re using to remove your mascara, it will come off way easier than waterproof mascara.

You will also get a cheaper price if you choose to go with regular mascara. So, for those who are on a budget, this might be the better choice. 

Above all, you’re being more gentle to your lashes when you’re choosing to go for a regular mascara instead of a waterproof mascara. 


There are downsides to using regular mascara too. For instance, if you live in a humid area, a regular mascara will run. The same goes for when you have watery eyes, crying, or swimming. 

In general, regular mascara is not long-lasting either. It’s not great at keeping your lash constantly gorgeous for a long time. 

If you mistakenly rub your eyes while wearing regular mascara, you may end up getting terrible black eyes in public. So, make sure you’re being careful. 

Waterproof Vs Regular Mascara: Which One Is Better And Why?

After comparing both mascaras, you can see that both come with some upsides and downsides. If you are looking for a bottom line, waterproof mascara is better when you’re searching for a long-lasting outlook. However, you have to make sure that you’re removing the mascara entirely at the end of the day. 

On the contrary, if you are applying mascara daily, it’s better to go for a regular mascara instead of a waterproof one. Regular mascaras are gentle on your lashes and come off pretty easily. 

If price is a primary factor for you, regular mascara will certainly be better for you. You will find a lot of options at a very affordable price range. On the contrary, you may not find reasonable options if you decide to go for waterproof mascara. 

Another thing to consider when choosing mascara is whether you have sensitive eyes or not. Make sure to choose a suitable one that does not create any irritation. If you have a dermatologist, it’s better to consult them before using any product for your eyes. 

Regardless of which mascara you’re using, make sure that you are taking care of your lashes. This includes taking off the mascara entirely at the end of the day, using serums to provide nourishing ingredients for your lashes, etc. If possible, avoid using waterproof mascara on a regular basis and use regular mascara. 

Final Words

There’s no fixed answer to which mascara is better in this waterproof vs regular mascara argument. It depends not only on your preference but also on what occasion you’re considering the mascara, how the weather is, where you’re visiting, and what your budget is.

So, explore these questions before selecting a mascara type, and make sure to take your type before buying one. 


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