5 Best Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet & Laser Printer

Making your own stickers is a great way to add a personal touch to any project. Whether you‘re scrapbooking, making cards, or just wanting to add a little something extra to a gift, printable vinyl sticker paper is a great way to do it.

When you make your own vinyl stickers, you will have the opportunity to customize them as well as your own choice. Also, be able to easily determine the exact number.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one to chooseThat‘s why we‘ve put together a list of the best printable vinyl sticker papers, to help make your decision a little easier. So let’s take a look at the best sticker paper.

5 Best Printable Vinyl Paper for Stickers

Best Printable Vinyl for Stickers

1.  JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl for Inkjet & Laser Printer



Color: Glossy White
Paper Finish: Glossy/Printable
Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch
Sheet Count: 30
Adhesive: Medium

If you are expecting quality, reliable vinyl paper then JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl is an incredible product. These sheets are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. This printable vinyl sticker allows the papers to dry in just five minutes. It basically provides 30 sheets with an envelope file folder.

These sheets come in a standard size of 8.5 “11”. These glossy sheets can be removed without any adhesive residue and the surfaces remain clean.

It comes with water-resistant properties. These great paper sheets are durable, scratch-resistant, and do not tear easily. It comes in a super-strong envelope which is great for storing it and keeping it flat. The JANDJPACKAGING Vinyl stickers are highly recommended.

Key Benifits
  • Vinyl sticker papers come with water-resistant properties.
  • It gives a glossy finish and allows quick drying.
  • Compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.
  • Comes in standard size and provides 30 sheets.
  • Extremely durable.

2. HTVRONT Printable Vinyl for Inkjet Printer & Laser Printer



Color: Glossy White
Paper Finish: Glossy
Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch
Sheet Count: 40

If you want to get printable vinyl for your inkjet printer, then don’t lose the HTVRONT vinyl printable sticker paper. These great vinyl sheets make HTVRONT printable vinyl compatible with both your inkjet and laser printers.

The paper comes with a water-resistant function, if you want to increase its waterproofness and durability, then layer it or spray UV-resistant sealer.

The product is extremely durable and provides bright colors. Its layer flat and anti-curl package design makes the sticker paper even more flat.

It also comes with a suitable thickness which improves the recognition rate of the printer and reduces the jam rate. These waterproof vinyl sheets come in an ideal shape for ease of printing and cutting.

The glue provided on these stickers is excellent which sticks to all smooth and hard surfaces. Also, these papers allow you to create great logos for your business or customization.

So take this HTVRONT vinyl sheet that is great for you to use in both your home and business.

Key Benifits
  • Provides durable and bright colors.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Print can be easily applied.
  • Suitable for business use.

3. Buttercrafts Printable Vinyl for Inkjet Printer



Brand: Buttercrafts
Color: White
Paper Finish: Glossy
Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch
Sheet Count: 20

Buttercrafts vinyl sticker sheets keep your printer jam-free. That is, these vinyl sticker sheets do not create a jam on the printer. These vinyl sheets are great for your inkjet printers. This product is characterized by waterproof and chemical-resistant ingredients.

Its print quality is excellent and the ink dries very quickly. I highly recommend this Buttercrafts Vinyl sticker paper.

Key Benifits
  • Extremely durable.
  • Includes waterproof and chemical-resistant material.
  • Do not allow the printer to jam.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • Gives a glossy finish.

4. Limia’s Care Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper



Brand: Limia’s Care
Paper Finish: Glossy
Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch
Sheet Count: 50

Limia’s printable sticker papers are great for a glossy finish. This high-quality item comes with a total of 50 vinyl sheets. Each sheet comes in US standard letter size for your work convenience. Limia’s vinyl sheets are truly amazing for getting high-resolution and clear picture quality.

The item comes with water-resistant features. And these sheets are suitable for use in both home and business. The provided glue is also quite nice, which allows you to dry quickly and you can easily remove it without any sticky residue.

These sheets are perfect for use on your inkjet printers. These water-resistant sheets are great for scratch and tear-resistant properties. These reliable sheets allow use on all flat surfaces.

Key Benifits
  • Comes in US standard letter size.
  • Provides high-resolution and clear images.
  • Has water-resistant properties.
  • Includes scratch and tear-resistant properties.
  • Suitable for use on all flat surfaces.

5. ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Your Inkjet and Laser Printer.



Theme: Beverage
Surface Recommendation: Wall
Age Range (Description): Adult, Youth
Color: Matte White
Material: Vinyl

ZICOTO printable vinyl sheets are compatible with both your inkjet and laser printers. Water-resistant stickers allow you to versatile use. If you want to increase the water-resistant labels on sticker papers, apply a UV-resistant sealer.

This highly durable paper comes in a standard form. And this great sticker paper comes in a set of 15 white plastic sheets. ZICOTO sheets allow you to use them easily and allow them to dry quickly.

Key Benifits
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suitable for all project applications.
  • Comes in standard form.
  • Allow drying quickly.
  • Has water-resistant properties.


vinyl sticker

1. Which Vinyl Is Best for Stickers?

There are a few different types of vinyl that can be used for stickers, but the best type of vinyl to use is printable vinyl. This type of vinyl is specifically designed to be used with printers, so it will produce the best results.

2. Can You Make Stickers with Printable Vinyl?

Yes, you can make stickers with printable vinyl. This type of vinyl is easy to work with and gives you the ability to create high-quality stickers.

3. Is Printable Vinyl the Same as Sticker Paper?

Printable vinyl is not the same as sticker paper. Sticker paper is not meant to be used with a printer and will not produce the same results as printable vinyl.

4. Can You Make Stickers with Cricut Printable Vinyl?

Yes, you can make stickers with Cricut printable vinyl. This type of vinyl is easy to use and gives you the ability to create high-quality stickers.

5. How Do You Print on Vinyl Stickers?

Assuming you would like tips on printing vinyl stickers: To print on vinyl stickers, you will need a vinyl printer. This type of printer uses inkjet technology to print onto self-adhesive vinyl. The vinyl is first fed through the printer and then cut to the desired shape and size.

6. Can Cricut Printable Vinyl Get Wet?

Yes, Cricut printable vinyl can get wet. This Cricut printable vinyl can be printed using a regular inkjet printer. However, it is not recommended to use it for stickers that will be exposed to water or other liquids.

As a result, vinyl must be laminated with a clean film to protect it from moisture.

laser printable vinyl


After reviewing several different types of printable vinyl sticker paper, we have compiled a list of the best papers to use to make your own stickers. The clear winner is the JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl paper for Inkjet & Laser Printer.

This vinyl is easy to print on and weed, and it gives you a clean, professional-looking finish. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the Cricut Printable Vinyl paper is a great choice.

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