6 Effective Methods of How to Waterproof a Paper Easily

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Waterproofing paper is necessary for various reasons like you want to collect some important documents or you want to keep a painting done by your child as a memory.

So, now the question is how to waterproof a paper? Luckily we were able to find it. There are some great paper waterproofing solutions that you can apply to make your cards, origami, and documents waterproof and durable.

So without further ado let’s know in detail about the methods of waterproofing paper.


How to Waterproof a Paper – 6 Methods

waterproof paper using Clear Nail Polish

Method-1: Using Wax

Paper can be easily waterproofed using wax. This will help protect your paper from water, moisture, and dust. How to do this process-
Gather the materials:

  • Wax (any type)
  • Metal pot
  • Paper
  • Tongs

Step-1: Prepare Your Paper

Lay your paper out on a flat and dry surface. Make sure that there is no dirt or grain on the surface.


Step-2: Rub Wax on Paper

Rub the paper you want to waterproof well with wax. Continue this until you have a glossy wax coating on both sides of the paper. Make sure no part of the paper misses the layer of wax.

Avoid applying too much as the paper may tear. You can also waterproof cardboard boxes using this method.


Step-3: Apply Wax Coating on Paper by Dip Method

Usually, you need to spend more time waterproofing the paper with rub the wax. And rubbing wax to waterproof the paper is likely to tear your paper or cause the seal to be incomplete.

So you can follow this option to get better results in this process.

Take a metal pot and put some wax in it. Now melt the wax at medium temperature. When the wax melts well, this time to dip the paper in the container. and pick up the paper with a pair of tongs. Dry the wax coating thoroughly.


Step-4: Check the Paper Seal

Now test the wax when it has cured well on the surface of your paper Take 5 cups of water in a bowl. And dip the paper in water, now you must see the waterproof paper.

paper waterproof using Clear Nail Polish

Method-2: Clear Nail Polish

The most economical and accessible method of waterproofing papers is to use clear nail polish.

What we need:

  • Some clear nail polish
  • Paint brush
  • Paper

Step-1: Be Prepared and Safe

Nail polish contains acetone and toluene which are known to be toxic. So wear a mask and gloves when you are going to apply nail polish.


Step-2:Prepare the Paper and Drying Area

Consider the dust-free and ventilated area. and keep the paper on a flat surface.


Step-3: Apply Nail Polish to The Paper

Apply a thin layer of nail polish to the paper with a paint brush. Make sure each part is evenly coated.


Step-4: Dry the Paper

Now cure the paper thoroughly. It takes 20-30 minutes to dry.


Method-3: Using Mod Podge

Mod Podge is basically an adhesive or sealer, mainly acting as a protective finish. This product is very effective in protecting paper from dust, dirt, and water. Mod Podge is not completely waterproof but it is water resistant.

Collect the ingredients:

  • Mod podge
  • Paint brush

Step-1: Prepare the paper

Place the paper on the area where you want to do this waterproofing process. Ensure that the drying area is well-ventilated.

Step-2:Apply Mod Podge on paper

Take some amount of Modpodge and apply a thin coating on the paper with the paint brush. Add equal layers to each part.


Step-3:Dry It

Once the coating is well done, cure it at this stage. It usually takes one to two hours to dry.

waterproof paper Using Mod Podge

Method-4: Using Alum

Alum is very effective in making your paper waterproof and durable. To do this you will need to create a solution.

What you will need:

  • Alum
  • Castile soap
  • the water
  • Gum Arabic
  • the glue
  • A flat tray
  • Tongs


Step-1: Prepare the Paper and Drying Area

To waterproof your paper with this solution, you need to hang the paper to dry. And your paper should be clipped to the clothesline.
If the solution falls on the floor it can damage the floor. So spread a cloth or paper on the floor.

Step-2: Prepare the Water

Now heat 4 cups of water in a pot. At this stage mix alum (8 oz), castile soap (3 3/4 oz), gum arabic (2 oz) natural gum (4 oz) in hot water.

Step-3: Shake the Mixture Well

Stir the mixture well and mix all its parts evenly. Be careful not to boil the water, but the water should be hot. Prepare the mixture well.


Step-4: Cool the Mixture

Remove the solution from the heat and let it cool. Now pour the mixture onto a flat tray. Dip the paper in the solution: Dip the paper in the solution. When the paper is completely covered, pick it up with a pair of tongs. Make sure both sides of the paper are coated.


Step-5: Dry the Paper

At this stage dry the paper thoroughly. Hang the paper on a clothesline or string and fasten it with clips.

waterproof paper using Using Alum


Method-5: Acrylic Sealer Spray or Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing spray or Clear Acrylic Sealer Paint allows you to waterproof paper ideally. And sealers are easily procured and relatively inexpensive.

These products are very useful for giving a glossy and matte finish to the paper. One of the fastest and most reliable ways to waterproof paper is with a waterproofing spray.


Step-1: Collect the ingredients

Clear acrylic spray sealer or waterproofing spray Gloves (chemical-resistant rubber gloves).


Step-2: Prepare Yourself

Although sealing products are safe and user-friendly, they can be dangerous due to carelessness. So choose a ventilated area to apply these products. Wear goggles and gloves.


Step-3: Prepare the Paper

Place the paper you want to waterproof on a flat surface.


Step-4: Apply Spray to The Paper

Take the best quality waterproofing spray of your choice. Shake the spray can well. This time place the can about 10 inches from the paper and spray. Make sure every part of the paper is evenly coated.


Step-5: Dry the Paper

Dry the paper thoroughly. These sealers generally take 48 hours to dry.


Step-6: Re-Apply the Spray

When the paper is thoroughly dry, spray the other side of the paper in the same way. You can apply 2-3 coats for the best results.

Waterproof paper using Waterproofing Spray

Method-6: Using Wood Varnish

Wood varnish is a well-known and widely used product, usually used as a wood finish, but it is also very effective in waterproofing paper.

What you will need:

  • Clear wood varnish
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper


Step-1: Choose a Place

After applying the varnish, choose a ventilated place to dry it. And make the place free of dust.


Step-2: Prepare Yourself

Wear a mask and gloves while doing this process. Because wood varnish can be toxic. Now place the paper on a clean, smooth hardboard.


Step-3: Apply Varnish to Paper

Place your paper on top of a piece of cardboard. Now take a paint brush and apply the varnish to the paper. Apply well to every corner of the paper.

Make sure that a thin coating of varnish is applied evenly to each part of the paper.

Step-4:Dry the paper

After applying the varnish to the paper, dry it thoroughly, it takes a full day to dry thoroughly.



In this article, you can find various ways of waterproofing methods for your paper. Whether you need to protect important documents or keep memories, these methods will help you do so.

By using wax, clear nail polish, or a waterproofing spray, you can waterproof your paper and keep it safe from water, moisture, and dust.

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