4 Best Way to Make Water Bottle Labels Waterproof Easily

Adding labels to their personalized bottles is a unique idea to get your kids and other family members interested in drinking water. Also, customized labels on water bottles for parties can impress your guests.

But, exposure to water can destroy your bottle labels. So water bottle labels should be waterproof to make your efforts successful.

Here are some cool and exciting DIY hacks for waterproofing your water bottle label. By applying these hacks you will be able to protect your bottle labels from water.

How To Make Water Bottle Labels Waterproof

Water Bottle Labels

In this article, we have come up with 4 (Four) reliable DIY hacks that we have tested. Following are the DIY hacks are-

  1. Spraying the labels with a clear acrylic sealer
  2. Covering the labels with clear contact paper.
  3. Covering the labels with clear packing tape
  4. Use waterproof sticker paper.

How to apply the Four methods are mentioned below-

Method -1: Spraying the Labels with A Clear Acrylic Sealer

Clear Acrylic sealer is one of the most popular and reliable methods. However, this method is quite expensive. Acrylic is perfect for giving the labels a glossy look.

  • First, you have to Select a ventilated area to waterproofing labels with a clear acrylic sealer.
  • Place the label on a flat surface.
  • At this stage take a good clear acrylic sealer and lightly spray the labels on top.
  • Once the labels are well coated, allow the label to dry.
  • Repeat the same procedure with 2-3 coats of sealer for best results and let it dry completely.
  • Make sure the label has dried well. At this stage, attach the label to the bottle with low-temperature glue.

Method -2: Covering the Labels with Clear Contact Paper

The easiest and cheapest way to waterproof water bottle labels is to use contact paper. However, This method takes more time to complete.

  • Make a label for your water bottle and cut the labels according to the size of the bottle. You can choose a white card stock for the labels.
  • Now roll the labels on the bottle and set it.
  • At this stage cut the contact paper with a pair of scissors according to the size of the label.
  • Place the water bottle on the contact paper and set it well with the label. A low-temperature glow can be used to set the contact paper well.
  • Make sure the contact paper adheres well to the label.

This way you can easily waterproof your water bottle labels with contact paper.

Method -3: Covering the Labels with Clear Packing Tape

Packing tape is a reliable and inexpensive method of waterproofing water bottles. Packing tapes are very easy to collect. This method makes the label look very clean, and holds the labels nicely on the bottle.

  • Take the labels according to the size of the water bottle, and cut the packing tape with a scissor slightly longer than the width of the labels.
  • Now place the packing tape on a smooth surface, And keep the sticky part of the tape on the top.
  • Add the label to your water bottle with packing tape.

Method -4: Use Waterproof Sticker Paper

Choose waterproof sticker paper. You can print these labels on waterproof sticker paper to make your bottle labels waterproof.
In this case, you can choose printable vinyl paper or heavy-duty sticker paper. Make your labels with pigment ink. Follow the instructions on the sticker paper to complete this procedure.


The most reliable and best way to waterproof water bottle labels is to use an acrylic spray sealer. This process is capable of giving very high efficiency and glossy finish, also making the labels scratch resistant.

Acrylic sealer is one of the quickest ways to waterproof your water bottle. but this process is expensive. So, if you want a cheap method that can waterproof your water bottle, then you turn to packing tape or contact paper.

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