Dry Epoxy Resin – How to Cure Epoxy Resin Faster

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Resin is an excellent versatile product that you can apply to make furniture, sculptures, various types of art,, and jewelry. However, your epoxy resin may sometimes need to be dried quickly.

Today we have come up with five great hacks for Drying Epoxy resin. In this article, you will find various information and strategies for curing the epoxy resin that you can apply. So let’s find out the How to Cure Epoxy Resin Faster.

How to Cure Epoxy Resin Faster

1. Apply heat

A great way to quickly dry your epoxy resin is to use heat. In that case, you can use a warm room to do your craftwork. However, if you want the resin to dry extra fast, you can apply heat with a heat lamp, heat gun, or blow dryer. This option is quite effective for drying resin well.

Ensure the temperature in your selected room or workplace is around 70-80 ° F (21-25 C) to complete this activity. This is because epoxy resins are mainly sensitive to heat.

In other words, its cure very quickly in warm environments. But, on the other hand, it takes time to cure in cold weather, or many times it does not cure well. Consequently, we suggest you choose a warm place.

There are several strategies you can use to warm up your workplace-

  • You can take the help of a heat lamp, space heater to increase the temperature.
  • If you want to dry your resin more quickly, you can apply heat with a heat gun or blow dryer.
Bubbles or cracks may appear in your resin if excess heat is used directly in your project. As a result, remove the heat as soon as you see the accident begin.

How to Cure Epoxy Resin Faster

2. Wait for the recommended amount of your resin to cure

The applied resin takes about 72 hours to dry completely and well. However, you can transfer the piece after 24 hours.

Or you can re-coat if you want. However, depending on the size of your project, how long the resin will take to cure.

  • You can find out how long it takes for the resin to dry well by checking the packaging guidelines.
  • Avoid touching the project until it is completely dry.

3. Find fast-curing resins

Ordinary epoxy resins are not made in the same way. That means some resins cure very quickly, and some epoxy resins take longer to cure.

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So if you want your applied resin to cure quickly, then you should look for a resin that can be cured quickly. However, slowly cure resin has some advantages-

  • Slowly, curable resins become stronger and more water-resistant.
  • Because the resin applied to your artwork stays soft longer. As result, it gives you more time to work.

4. Follow the Package Instructions

In an epoxy resin, you will find two components. One is resin and the other is the hardener. These two ingredients are basically sold at the same time and are designed to blend together.

When you mix resin and hardener for any painting, read carefully the instructions that came with the bottles.
It is important to mix the resin and hardener in the right proportions.

The resin will not harden well if these ingredients are mixed in the wrong proportions. Also, avoid using any other solvent or agent in the mixture.

This time mix the ingredients well with a stick. The mixture will heal evenly. Then, work slowly and gently to avoid the formation of bubbles.

5. Avoid Mixing in Too Much Dye or Pigment 

Epoxy resins should not be mixed with other ingredients, as this may change the properties of the resin. If you want to dye your resin, you can use a small amount (about 7% of the mixture or less) of liquid or powder dye. If you use extra dyes, the resin does not dry well.

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    Emma, you wrote a fantastic post! Temperature, in my opinion, influences cure time. Warmer temperatures, for example, assist in curing, whereas colder ones slow down the curing process. In my experience, placing a room heater or heat lamp beside your work will help the resin cure faster. One of the simplest and most basic strategies for causing the resin to dry more quickly is to utilize heat.

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