Sentrysafe SFW123GDC Review: The Perfect Safe For Your Valuables

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How safe are your most valuable items from fire, water, or children?

We all have some items like important documents, jewelry, passports that are difficult or impossible to replace. They can be damaged by fire or water at any time if you do not keep them in the right place.

In that case, you might consider a bank or locker to keep them safe.

But if the documents need to be accessed frequently, then the bank or locker is not a suitable place. So you need to keep your accessible documents at home.


Using the best fireproof and waterproof home safe is a reliable solution to protect your most important valuables. A safe should be chosen that will provide protection against fire, water, and theft.

Now the question is,


There are many types of home safes available in the market based on your need. And there is a lot of reputed safe manufacturer brands, like- Sentrysafe, Honeywell, First Alert, Amazon Basics are leading today.

But here we have come up with one of the most popular home safe that you can use for various purposes.

The Sentrysafe SFW123GDC fireproof and waterproof Safe is the best and most popular way to protect your belongings. This safe is more Preferred to customers.

So let’s know the details about Sentrysafe SFW123GDC fireproof and waterproof, so you can come to a decision easily.

We’ve put an honest review of this safe so you can easily come to a decision.





If you need a safe that is large and heavyweight and provides adequate security features for your belongings, then the SentrySafe SFW123GDC is the best option for you.

Internal volume 12.6W “× 11.9” H × 13.8 “D and 1.23 cubic feet of power. You can easily store full legal documents in it.

The safe provides protection against fire and water to protect items. And the model is UL classified. It lasts up to 1 hour at a temperature of 1700 ° F. And provides waterproof protection for up to 24 hours. Also, a 15-foot drop test assures you that it will remain intact even if it falls.

Sentrysafe SFW123GDC ETL has been verified to hold your digital media such as USB drives, flash drives, CDs, and DVDs.

Pry-resistant hinges make the door stronger and it provides 4 live locking bolts to protect against forced entry.




The product is an ETL certified waterproof safe which provides 24 hours of protection from water that is up to 8 inches deep.

This means that the model is suitable for protecting your documents from submersion or moisture.

You will want to protect your valuables in the event of a fire, if you pour water on the safe box to put out the fire Sentrysafe SFW123GDC ensures that there will be no damage to the valuables by water.

Sentrysafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe is designed to protect all your papers, documents, and other valuables from fire.

This product is UL rated for withstanding temperatures of at least 1 hour. This Fireproof Safe ensures the protection of indoor items for up to 1 hour at 1700° F (925 ° C) external temperature.


This model allows you to unlock safe by using two methods. This means that it includes a combination and secondary locking keys for opening the safe. Which makes it harder to break by thieves. You can easily set the combination code.

The inside of the safe includes a small drawer. The drawer ensures extra security and concealment of your belongings. You can lock it with a key.


The safe weighs 86 pounds and is made of steel. This huge safe makes it difficult for thieves to attack. This means that thieves cannot easily pick it up or stop it.

It is difficult to transfer due to the heavy weight of this safe. But you can carry it in a dolly.

The model includes a bolt drop kit for bolting. With these kits, you can bolt it to the floor.


Internal Dimensions: 16.3 “W × 19.3” D 17.8 “H.
External dimensions: 12.6 “W × 11.9” D × 13.8 “H.
Weight: 86.69 lbs

This steel construction safe includes 4 live-locking bolts that provide maximum protection against forced entry. The cabinet door has been provided with a Pry-Resistant hinge bar to make the door more stronger. The internal locking drawer provides extra protection to the items.

It has interior light to increase visibility so you can access your belongings easily without the need for additional lighting.


The model comes with all the security features and it is a smart digital safe. In addition to these safe other aspects, you can prioritize purchasing the model for the main 3 benefits.

  • Safety includes 4 live locking bolts of 1-inch steel which provides extra protection.
  • Provides great protection against fire and water. And it has passed the 15 feet result test.
  • Includes internal LED light, locking drawer.


  • Provides fireproof and waterproof protection features
  • Has 4 large 1inch live locking bolts.
  • Dual combination lock and has a secondary key.
  • It has a locking drawer inside.
  • Includes a tray.
  • Internal LED lights provided.
  • The model passed the 15 feet result test.


  • If safe open, the interior may become damp.
  • Internal components are light
  • It allows the use of non-rechargeable batteries
  • Do not offer to store guns.


The Best Home Safe is great for providing maximum protection to your most valuable important items.
We cannot prevent accidents like fire, water, or theft, all these unwanted events do not give us any forecast. So we need to be careful.
So you need to keep your valuables in a safe to avoid these unwanted incidents.
In that case, we suggest you buy Sentrysafe SFW123GDC. This popular digital model will not disappoint your expectations.

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