How to Remove Waterproof Eyeliner – 5 Effective Ways

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The truth is that your beautiful eyes enhance the beauty of your face. Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup for the eyes. Which enhances the size of your eyes. And makeup lovers can’t deny this fact.

But it is also important to remove your waterproof eyeliner well and proper way when you return home. So, here are some effective ways on how to remove waterproof eyeliner. So let’s take a look.


We have described here 5 effective methods step by step of removing waterproof eyeliner. Read all the Methods below and remove your stubborn eyeliner easily.

  • Eye makeup remover
  • Makeup wipe
  • Micellar Water
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Natural Oils ( Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil)

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Makeup remover products are very easy to use and help to remove makeup quickly. Choose an oil-based remover to remove waterproof eyeliner. Oil-based remover is effective for dissolving waterproof eyeliner.

NOTE: Eye makeup removers will not harm your eyes or skin. However, excessive use can cause mild redness and irritation in your eyes. So after using it you can wash around your eyes.


What We Need:

  • Eye makeup remover (oil-based)
  • Cotton pad.


  1.  Take a cotton pad, and put some eye makeup remover on it.
  2.  If you take the extra remover then you can use a tissue to remove the excess fluid from the pad.
  3.  Now close your eyes and hold the pad over the eyeliner and wait for 15-20 seconds.
  4.  Leaving it for a while, the makeup remover softens the eyeliner formula and comes up quickly.
  5.  At this stage, gently apply and pressure on the pad. And strokes downwards to wipe the eyeliner.
  6.  Make sure your eyeliner is removed. If not, you can repeat this process again.
  7.  Now wash your face with your regular cleanser.



Makeup wipes are travel-friendly and more affordable than cleansers. Using wipes can easily remove makeup, dirt, waterproof mascara from your skin. And you do not need to wash your face after using it. Choose a soft and alcohol-free makeup wipe for eyeliner removal.

NOTE: Makeup wipes use a strong chemical called “sodium lauryl sulfate“. After using the wipe, chemical ingredients remain on your skin that can penetrate the skin and cause irritation.


What We Need:

  • Makeup removing wipe.


  1.  Take a wipe. Close your eyes, place the wipe over the eyeliner. Flip the wipe to the clean side and repeat.
  2.  Clean the lower eyelid in this way.
  3.  After removing the eyeliner from one eye, take another wipe, and apply the same way to the other eye.
  4.  Although there is no need to wash your face after using a makeup wipe. But to avoid unwanted irritation, you should wash your face with a regular cleanser and use a moisturizer.



To remove the eyeliner Micellar water is a great alternative. It is suitable for use on all skin types. Micellar water keeps dirt and oil away from your skin. Also promotes hydration on the skin and is effective in keeping it clean Your skin.

NOTE: Micellar water may contain bad ingredients such as alcohol, perfumes, and preservatives, and it may not provide complete purity.

What We Need:

  • Micellar water (alcohol-free)
  • Cotton pad


  1.  Fill the cotton pad with micellar water. Close your eyes and place the pad. Leave the cotton pad on your eye for 20 seconds.
  2.  Now wipe the pad gently, continue this process until it is well cleaned.
  3.  Make sure your waterproof eyeliner is removed and then wash your face with the cleanser.



Petroleum is a light, lubricated product that does no harm to your eyes, and dissolves makeup gently and simply. This product is safe and easy to use for your eyes. It is readily available which is why most makeup lovers use it to remove their makeup.

NOTE: Crude petroleum jelly may contain some dangerous contaminants, so supply it from a reputable source.


What We Need:

  • Petroleum jelly (Collect from refined and trusted brands)
  • Cotton pad or cotton


  1.  Take a cotton pad and scoop a light layer of petroleum jelly into it.
  2.  Hold the petroleum pad on your eyelids and wait at least 30 seconds.
  3.  Then gently rub it. Now clean it, You can take another cotton pad to wipe.
  4.  Repeat the process until the eyeliner is clear.
  5.  Wash your face with hot water using your regular cleanser.



Coconut oil is an excellent way for removing makeup and readily available. It is completely safe for the skin and is also used as a cream, and makes your skin soft and smooth. Great for removing makeup.

NOTE: Coconut oil is not beneficial for oily skin.


What We Need:

  • Coconut oil or olive oil
  • Cotton pad or cotton


  1.  Pour coconut oil as required on the cotton pad.
  2.  Close the eyes and apply the pad to the eyelids
  3.  Rub gently, and wipe with a clean tissue.
  4.  Wash face and give a moisturizer.



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