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File cabinets are an ideal solution for categorizing and storing important folders. Cabinets can store large amounts of files at once, and data can be easily retrieved if needed. File cabinets do not require much floor space to fit in the office or home.

However, any file cabinet may not be safe to keep your belongings, as there are some important features of the cabinet that you need to check before purchasing.

So, we have checked the cabinet criteria for you, and then come up with the best file cabinet for your home and office. Compare the reviews and select the ones you need.



1. FIR2R1822CPA – FireKing Insulated Turtle File Cabinet


  • 30-foot impact test.
  • Withstand 1 hour at 1700°
  • Fire-resistant and water-resistant.
  • 521 pounds weight.
  • Size is 22.12″× 17.75″ × 27.75″.

There is no better option than this cabinet to keep wherever you want in your home or business. Insulated (Ul Classified Effect Rating) can withstand 1 hour at 1700° temperature. It is also waterproof.

This Fireking File cabinet is designed to protect your contents from water and fire damage. It is also Impact resistance which ensures protection against a 30-ft. It has two lockable drawers. You can lock both drawers to give extra protection to your contents.

The unit is heavy (251 lbs) and requires 2 to move it and a dolly is also required for a distance. Insulated is made of iron and this file cabinet 22.12 × 17.75 × 27.75 inches size. Both letter-size and legal-size documents fit well in the drawers. You can remove the drawers with the help of a latch if you want.

  • Ensures protection against 30-feet.
  • The unit is great fire-resistant and water-resistant
  • There are two drawers, and the drawers are lockable.
  • The item is made of iron and weighs 251 pounds heavier.
  • The product size is 22.12 × 17.75 × 27.75 and fits both letter-size and legal-size documents.
  • Fireking is more expensive than regular file cabinets.


2. Fireking Turtle Fireproof File Cabinet


  • UL Class 350 one hour Fire Rated.
  • 30 feet impact rating
  • Includes 4 drawers
  • Size is 52.75″ H x 17.75″ W x 22.13″ D, inches.
  • 405 pounds weight.

If you are looking for something reliable to protect your documents from fire accidents, then Fireking Turtle Cabinet is great for you.
This model is designed to protect your home, office, or small business documents from fire.

The cabinet protects the items at 1700 ° for up to 1 hour and the internal temperature does not exceed 350°. The model will survive a loaded heavy fall of 30 feet and maintain fire protection (UL Impact Rating).

Fireking is asbestos-free, dry insulation. Which provides lifelong protection. It Covered with electrostatic powder on all sides including the bottom of the item, the finish is scratch-resistant. If any of its panels are damaged it can be easily replaced.

It weighs heavily and its size is 22.23 × 17.75 × 52.75 inches. It has four drawers for storing items, the drawers fit documents of both legal-size and letter-size easily without extra frames. The cabinet has a heavy-duty key lock in the top drawer to control all the drawers.

  • UL – Hour Class 350 Fire Rating.
  • It will protect against 30 feet of heavy fall and maintain fire protection.
  • There are four drawers, and a heavy-duty keylock has been provided.
  • It is scratch-resistant, and damaged panels can be replaced.
  • The model weighs heavily and offers plenty of space.
  • The item would have been better if it had waterproof protection features. And the price is higher.


3. Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet


  • Size 14.3 “× 18” × 34 “
  • Includes 2 locking drawers
  • Suitable for letter-sized documents.
  • Affordable.

If you only need to store files for a family context then Lorell 14341 File Cabinet works great for you. It is 14.3 “18” × 34 “-2 in size for files and includes 2 file locking drawers. These drawers are perfect for keeping your letter-size files.

The smooth glide action of the drawers will really impressive, and the drawers will work fine. The cabinet works well for hanging layout file folders. It only takes 5 minutes for the handles to be attached. It is lightweight and of decent quality for the price.

The model comes with a 5-year warranty. This file cabinet is shorter than your average cabinet, so it fits nicely under your office table.
Lorell 14341 File Cabinet is great for your small or home office.

  • 2- Lockable file drawer included.
  • Suitable for letter-size files
  • Depth 18 “which fits easily in office configuration.
  • Made with lightweight material.


4. Hirsh SOHO 3 Drawer File Cabinet


  • Weighs 24.5 pounds.
  • 3 drawers included.
  • Accommodates letter-size files.

If there is no drawer on the desk, and a drawer is needed for the file, then Hirsh SOHO File cabinet is a very effective solution.

Hirsh is a Great drawer cabinet, and it has a small drawer and two large drawers provided. The drawers are well aligned and the lock works well. However, the lock only locks the top two drawers.

The cabinet is perfect for storing letter-sized documents. It is an affordable filing cabinet and made of thin gauge metal. And well built enough for the office. This color is great. It is excellent for small office use.

  • Fits letter-size files.
  • Includes 3 drawers.
  • Drawers do not open enough to use the whole space.


5. LLR18573 – Lorell SOHO 18 3-Drawer Vertical File


  • 18 “deep
  • Includes 3 drawers
  • Top 2 drawers are lockable.
  • Suitable for holding letter size paper.

If you are looking for a file cabinet for personal use then Lorell SOHO would be best for you. There are 3 file drawers in the cabinet to keep your valuable files. These drawers are great for holding letter-sized paper. The top 2 drawers are lockable for extra protection.

The Lorell SOHO is great for easy access to your documents. It includes a cabinet of 18 “depth, chrome pool handles and steel construction with baked enamel finish. The metal of this cabinet with vertical drawer is very thick and heavy.

Lorell cabinets can be easily fitted anywhere in your home or office. Lorell SOHO File Cabinet is best for protecting valuable document files.

  • Includes 2 lockable drawers.
  • A drawer is suitable for holding letter-sized papers.
  • Allows easy access.
  • Fits anywhere.
  • According to some users, the metal of the cabinet is flimsy.


There are some features to consider when choosing the Best file cabinet for your home and office. So that you can easily choose the best one of all. Here are some essential considerations for you, which will help you in choosing the best document holder or filing cabinet.


Lock system:
Most cabinets come with a locking system for storing sensitive and important files. Cabinets are designed by different lock systems. Some cabinets come with a key lock system, and some cabinets have an electronic or combination lock system.

In the key lock system, each drawer may have to be locked separately or the whole model is secured by a lock. But, Combined lockable cabinets should be selected to protect important and confidential files.

You can choose a fireproof file cabinet if you want to provide fire protection to documents or other items. Cabinets designed with fireproof can protect your documents for up to 90 minutes.

Select a handle that can be easily pulled in each drawer of the file cabinet. In that case, you can pay special attention to the D-shaped handles. Such handles ensure easy use and are quite comfortable.

Drawer Size:
There are different drawer-sized cabinets such as A-4 size, large blueprints, foolscap documents, etc. You should plan in advance what size documents or paper you want to keep in the cabinet.

Select the appropriate drawer size according to the plan. However, with large drawer cabinets in that size you can keep all kinds of files. So, if you have enough floor space to hold the cabinet, you can choose a cabinet with a large drawer in size.

File cabinets need to be moved from one place to another at different times.
If the cabinets have castor features, they can be easily carried. This feature allows you to easily roll the unit. So you should choose a cabinet with castors.


How do I choose a filing cabinet?

When you are interested in purchasing a file cabinet you should decide what kind of documents or other valuables you want to store in it. In that case, you can consider its size.

There are also some important features to consider when choosing a file cabinet, such as fireproofing and waterproofing, portability, and the amount of space available for locking systems and cabinets.

When you are able to choose the file cabinet considering all these aspects then you will get the best cabinet for your needs.

What are vertical and lateral filing?

The cabinet from which documents are added or retrieved from the top is called the vertical file cabinet. These file cabinets are very flexible to use in your office. These types of cabinets are less spacious so you can save office space.

The file cabinet that allows you to add documents from the side of the file and the identification tab is on the side of the file is called the Lateral file cabinet.

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