How to Make Your Regular Mascara Waterproof in 5 Minutes

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For makeup lovers, mascara is an integral part of the makeup kit. Every beautiful woman wants to make their eyelids thicker and wrinkled. So mascara can be a tool to fulfill their expectations.

But if you expect to fall into water-related situations and you don’t have a good waterproof mascara, then your pool party and watering events ruin your great makeup. As a result, the mascara you use needs to be waterproof.

Don’t worry, I’ve come up with some exact and effective ways to waterproof your regular mascara very quickly and easily.

So let’s learn how to make regular mascara waterproof.


If your regular mascara needs to be waterproof quickly, an easy way is to add hairspray to the mascara.
Hairspray ingredients usually do not dissolve in water. This protects the mascara you apply from getting ruin in the water.

There are two excellent ways to make a normal mascara waterproof by using a hairspray. And with a proper application, you can be sure that you will get great results.


Which Is Required:

  • Regular Mascara
  • Hairspray

Add the spray directly to the mascara with a small spritz for mild waterworks of your mascara, and waterproof your regular mascara.

So let’s learn, how you can get waterproof mascara by applying it directly.


  • Coat your regular mascara very well on each eyelid. Wait a while after completing the coat, Then, let the mascara dry.
  • When the applied mascara becomes dry, keeping your eyes closed and carefully apply spray lightly.
  • When applying, make sure that the spray does not get into your eyes and keep the spray bottle 6 inches far from your Face.
  • Finally, Let the hairspray dry, now you can enjoy your water activities with your mascara.

Remember: Don’t keep the spray bottle close to your eyes, as this can cause irritate your eyes if the spray gets into your eyes.



By applying another technique with hair spray you can amazingly waterproof your regular mascara. Using it you can enjoy your pool party and waterproof activities without any worries.

So now I will show you how to make it.

Which Is Required:

  • Some dry formula mascara should be taken.
  • A hairspray that has an aerosol pump bottle.
  • And some water.


  • The first thing you need to do is remove the spool from your regular mascara tube. Place the spool in a certain place. And pour a little water into the tube. Do not pour more than once, you pour 2-3 drops of water twice. So that the water does not fall too much. Then shake it to pop the air bubbles.
  • Take hair spray, place the spray pump on top of the mascara tube. Spray lightly. After spraying twice, check the mixer of the mascara. Spray again, continue the process until the mascara mixture is formed. It may need to be sprayed 7-8 times.
  • After applying the hair spray on the mascara, shake the mascara tube. Replace the mascara wand into the tube and twist around to mix. Leave it for 5 minutes and then apply the waterproof mascara you have made on the eyelids.

Note: Although using hairspray you can easily waterproof your normal mascara. But, these air fresheners contain irritating ingredients, if applied to the eyes can irritate, the eyes may become red. If you move in the air area with applying this hairspray then tears may fall on the eyes.


If you don’t want to waterproof the mascara with the help of hairspray, then a topcoat can be a great solution for you.
You can easily waterproof your mascara using just a good quality topcoat. For that, you need to choose a suitable, high-quality topcoat.

Which Is Required:

  • Regular Mascara
  • Topcoat (High Quality)


  • Use your regular mascara very well on your eyelids. Wait a while for the mascara to dry.
  • After the mascara dries, apply your selected topcoat layer. If you want to make the mascara more waterproof, add another layer to it.


By applying these easy solutions to make your mascara waterproof, you can enjoy a great pool or beach party without any worries.

However, in that case, the ingredients that you will use, the ingredients must be standard. If the ingredients (hairspray, topcoat) are of low quality, then your eyes may have rashes or various problems.

If you don’t have enough time to waterproof the regular mascara, Then the Best Waterproof Mascara a great solution for you.Which will not irritate your eyes and which you can use in a very short time and can enjoy pool party and Various water activities.

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