Wash Your Waterproof Jacket in 5 Simple Steps

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In order for waterproof gear to be long-lasting, it needs proper care. Because purchasing a waterproof jacket or pants is an expensive investment.

And an owner certainly doesn’t want their waterproof gear to be damaged due to lack of thorough maintenance.

However, some mistakes on your part can cause waterproof items to lose their waterproof coating or damage the fabric. Hence proper care is required to protect these items. And you can wash your waterproof jacket in just a few steps.

So, without further ado let’s see how to wash a waterproof jacket.


How to wash your waterproof jacket

Manufacturers of waterproof gear usually provide detailed information on how to care for their products. Therefore, you should follow the procedures they provide to ensure optimal care and help prevent damage.

However, below you will find a step-by-step guide to washing your waterproof jacket.


Open all the pockets in your jacket, and remove the items inside the pockets. Open its zippered pockets, but keep the main zipper, collar zipper, and hems closed. Be sure to close the velcro flaps.


Choose detergents specifically designed for cleaning waterproof gear. A common mistake most people make in this regard is to use a normal laundry detergent to clean waterproof gear. And it should not be done at all.

A proper detergent will protect your product from damage and help maintain waterproof properties. Remember not to choose any ordinary detergent to wash your waterproof gear.

This is because common detergents erode the DWR coating on waterproof gear. So consider a detergent that will keep the membrane pores clean.


Throw your waterproof or ski/snowboard jacket or pants in the machine. Remember not to combine your waterproof gear with any other common items. If you want to wash two jackets, make sure both are waterproof.


Set your machine. Many machines usually have a setting for washing waterproof gear. If your machine has this special setting, Set it. otherwise set it to the setting for washing silk, synthetic, or wool fabrics.

You can also set it manually. Make sure the machine temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, as high heat damages the fabric. Add your chosen detergent, and run the machine. Run it for at least 30 minutes.


Take your waterproof jacket out of the machine and hang it to dry. Avoid direct sunlight to dry it.


How to re-waterproof your jacket

Once your waterproof jacket is thoroughly dry it may need to be re-waterproofed. Because waterproof gear can lose its waterproof properties. So it is a good idea to re-waterproof it. So you must take this step to regain the DWR coating.


First of all, you need to make sure that your jacket or pants are completely dry now. And you have been able to clean it well. So now choose a ventilated place and hang it on a hanger.


Get a good quality waterproofing spray. Spray a thin coating of this spray DWR on your jacket or pants. You can get an idea of ​​how much spray to use from the product instructions.


Once the item is well coated at this stage, let it dry. You can apply another coat if needed.


Now you can test the DWR of your jacket. To do this, throw water on the jacket. what can you see? If the item starts to get wet, the DWR treatment is considered useless. And if it doesn’t then you’re welcome, your jacket’s waterproof treatment has been successful.



Generally, after a certain period of time waterproof gears can lose their waterproof properties. As a result, they should be re-waterproofed.

And we’ve also given ideas on how you can re-waterproof the jackets. Ensure proper care of a waterproof products and make them last longer.

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