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WD-40 is a versatile product. It is Water Displacing Oil. Its mainly used as a remover, cleaner and it protects various things from rust and water damages. WD-40 is used in various things, including cars, bikes, and households.

In a word, this product can be a magical part of everyone’s life. You have to finish the daily chores yourself. WD-40 could act as an assistant. This versatile product makes all the tasks of your life easy and aesthetic.

Are you surprised? I was also amazed to see. It has surpassed more than 2000 uses.

Those who have used WD-40 in the past may be familiar with some of its uses. But this discussion will give you a lot of unfamiliar and complete ideas about what is WD-40 is used for and where you can correctly use this.

Before buying WD-40, let’s learn about the uses of this product.

In this article, we have covered the multifaceted 100+ uses of WD-40. So, keep reading until the end.




1. Gives the bed of wheelbarrows clean and protection.
2. Removes ink from the carper.
3. Cleans and protects old kitchen appliances.
4. The kitchen sink lubricates the handheld spray nozzle.
5. Can be used as a preventative in cooking burners.
6. The bed frame can be cleaned with it.
7. Clears the pitch force.
8. Cleans and protects germs from refrigerator gaskets.
9. Helps lubricate gate valves in a home.
10. Helps to remove paint from the tiles floor.



Preventing rust on any part of your favorite car, removing small scratches, or keeping the tires shiny can cost you a lot of money if you want to fix it by a maintenance specialist.

However, WD-40 is an affordable all-in-one product that eliminates many of your car’s problems in a matter of moments. And you can use WD-40 without any help.

11. You can use WD-40 to protect car locks from freezing in winter.
12. Used to remove surfboard wax from the car roof.
13. Dropping from the exterior of cars and trucks.
14. Can remove gunk and grease from windows and car interior very easily.
15. WD-40 helps to remove scuff marks from cars caused by shopping carts.
16. Displaces moisture from car wiring.
17. Helps to clean pin stripping tape from the car.
18. Used as a lubricant on car doors.
19. Removes love bugs from car grills and bumpers.
20. The rubber keeps car door seals soft and is used to prevent drying and cracking.
21. Provides car chrome protection.
22. You can remove tar, sap, and bird pop from car and truck outsiders.
23. Can remove the protective cover from new cars.
24. Used to protect vehicle corrosion-sensitive areas.
25. The car stops the strut mounts.



WD-40 is a light oil and solvent. Since the bike is a man-powered machine, it may lose its efficiency due to dragging. As a result, it needs to be lubricated.

Although according to many, the bike chains are relatively heavy, so the WD-40 is not suitable for this.

However, it is better to apply WD40 on it than to keep the chain of your bike dry because it is not terrible to use as a bike lubricant. And the bike stays oily for 8-12 hours after using it. This product is also great for cleaning and rusting your bike.

26. Keep dirt and mud from sticking to mountain bikes.
27. Saltwater corrosion can be prevented on the bike with wd-40.
28. Rust can be prevented by spraying on bike scratches.
29. Applied as a lubricant for locks on car bike racks.



Wd-40 is a magical product. The great versatility of the product has made taxing your various tasks even easier.

In an instant, you can clean up any dirt on your content. And it will bring back the quality of your belongings.

30. Clean garden tools.
31. Cleans piano keys.
32. Removes scuff marks from the ceramic tile floor.
33. Removes water spots from mirrors.
34. Removes tea stains from countertops.
35. Removes tape marks from the wall where posters hung.
36. Removes coffee stains on floor tiles.
37. Removes old cellophane tape.
38. Cleans ashtrays.
39. Removes marks from floors left by chair feet.
40. Cleans candle soot.
41. Removes ink from blue jeans.
42. Cleans residue on luggage handles.
43. Cleans old muffin tins.
44. Cleans and protects pruning shears.
45. Cleans gold-plated faucets.
46. Removes petroleum stains from clothing.
47. Cleaning radiator fins.
48. Cleans bottoms of pots and pans.
49. Removes tomato stains from clothes.
50. Removes blue baked-on.
51. Removes coffee stains from leather.
52. Cleans black streaks from hardwood floors.
53. Cleans and protects pitchforks.
54. Cleans newspaper ink from tables.
55. Removes ink from carpet, leather, and other fabrics.
56. Cleans and softens paintbrushes.
57. Cleaning spark plugs.
58. Cleans and protects TV antenna.



Are you looking for something that can easily remove rust from your various appliances and household items? Then use WD-40 as a rust remover.

WD-40 not only removes rust from the material but also protects the material from rust coming back later. The WD-40 is an effective item to keep various tools rust-free. And it’s safe to use.

The rules for using it are also very simple. You just spray WD-40 and rub the rust well with a wire brush.

Yes, in a moment, your content will be amazingly rust free.

59. Use to loosen rusty nuts and screws.
60. Garden tools can be kept rust-free.
61. Metal wind chimes help to keep rust-free.
62. Swamp coolers prevent rust on nuts.
63. Keeps garden plant cages bright and rust-free.
64. Protects Sewing the needles from rusting.
65. Removes rust from curtain rods.
66. Hide-A-Key helps prevent rust in containers.
67. Protects rusted wrought iron.
68. The metal wire curtain keeps rust-free.
69. Removes rust from chair feet
70. Keeps blades from rusting on the garden plow.
71. Keeps the wire shelves rust-free and clean.
72. Removes rust stains from the floor after mopping.
73. Protects iron from rust.
74. Guitar strings protect from rust.



Crayon marks ruin your shiny clean wall or floor. However, there are many ways to remove crayon from walls. But, if you don’t use a reliable method, you Won’t be able to clean the wall as desired.

However, there is nothing to worry about it. Because you can use WD-40 spray to remove crayon marks from the walls beautifully without damage to your walls, it is also very easy to use and safe.

Just Spray WD-40 on a crayon place and scrub with a clean cloth, to make crayon marks disappear.

WD-40 is a reliable way to clean crayons from your walls and other places.

75. Crayons can be removed from the walls.
76. Used to remove crayons from wallpaper.
77. Remove the crayon from the carpet.
78. Remove the crayon from the toy.
79. Can remove crayon from the chalkboard.
80. Removes glue from precious china.
81. Removes glue from wallpaper penetrates.
82. Helps remove glue from price tags, labels, and stickers.



The WD-40 is a multi-purpose product. Although it is better known as rust removal and rust prevent product.

It is not a lubricant, but WD-40 is an excellent product for use as a lubricant. It contains 50% strong oil, which makes it an easy solution to lubricate your various ingredients.

83. Lubricates hinge the pruning shears.
84. Lubricate the screws of the lawn furniture.
85. Hydraulic mesh lubrication on 5th wheel slideout.
86. Helps to lubricate moving parts in playground equipment.
87. Lubricates the folded parts of the iron board.
88. Helps to lubricate external pivots in lawnmowers.
89. Quickly lubricates drawers, doors, and small rolling toys.
90. Lubrication and protection of power equipment.



Wd-40 works great with wood. You can easily solve many problems with wood tools.

91. It moisturizes the wood.
92. Protects from various corrosive elements.
93. It keeps the tool smooth and splinter-free.
94. Wooden tools renew the handles.



Spray some WD-40 on the hinges’ rust or sticky and wipe off excess spots with a clean cloth.
Yes, I recommend using this very affordable and effective WD-40 product to remove grease and grime from your door.

It keeps the long-term maintenance functionality of doors and windows. Also, By using Wd-40, the door hinge tracks can be removed sticky with regular use.

95. Lubricates gate locks.
96. Cleans metal statues.
97. The shower door lights up.
98. Protects patio doors from sun damage.
99. WD-40 used for the squeaky door.

What is WD-40 Used for


Do you want something that will protect your shoes from water? Then you should invest in a spray to make the shoes waterproof. However, you do not need to buy any waterproof spray.

I would suggest you waterproof the shoes with a WD-40 multi-use-based product. Using it, you can use it to clean your shoes waterproof, including removing stickers from shoes.

100. Helping to remove crayons from shoes.
101. Cleans by removing the glue price tag from the shoe bottle.
102. Can Waterproof shoes.


You need to solve the problems of cleaning plastic materials.

And for which you should apply a reliable material as an external cognitive exposure, which applies to plastic surfaces. But you are not aware of any material.

Don’t worry. You can easily remove dirt and stickers from your plastic by using WD-40. And using it will not cause any damage to your material.

103. Helps to join plastic shelving to make disassembly easier.
104. Remove the crayon from the plastic by using it very easily.
105. Wd-49 helps to remove gunk from plastic dish-drainer.



106. Fiberglass bathtubs make clean and shiny.
107. Removes decals from bathtubs and keeps them safe.
108. Removes rust stains from bathroom tubs.

wd 40 uses



WD-40 is a Water Displacing Oil. It is a light oil (like kerosene) and a mixture of naphtha ~ 50:50 and a small surfactant percentage. It does not contain fish oil silicone, kerosene, CFC.

It is an excellent solvent, a good lubricant. It is a line of rust-resistant solvents and degreasers for use in industry.

The WD-40 is designed to protect the outer skin of the Atlas missile from rust and corrosion. The WD-40 multi-use product was later promoted commercially.

An aerospace contractor first used WD-40, and for the first time, the Atlas missile protects the outer skin from rust and corrosion, and WD-40 is effective.

The WD40 silicone alloy is excellent for protecting metal surfaces prone to condensation or exposure to heavy rain and snow. Also, White Lithium Grease is perfect for long-term storage.



Many are wondering if it is possible to remove car scratches with WD-40 spray. My answer is going to be yes for the great functionality of this multi-use product. You can improve your paint job by removing scratches using WD-40.

Make sure the area where you spray is clean. Apply the spray on the scratched area. And remove with a rag.



With the WD-40 spray, you usually expect this oil-based product as a Lubricant and rust remover.
But now it is also known as a potent and effective cleanser. WD-40 Spray Lubricant can remove rust and poly stains from toilet bowls.

You don’t need too much WD-40 to clean the toilet. Only spray on the affected area, wait for some time. Then brush the sprayed area well with a regular toilet brush.



You should invest in a reliable material to make your shoes waterproof, which will prevent water from entering your shoe when used.

In that case, you can use WD-40 spray. This product will protect your shoes from winter snow, rain, and water. How to properly waterproof shoes with WD-40? I am providing a complete guideline below:

  1. Clean the shoe well and let it dry. Apply WD-40 spray and make sure your full shoes have been coated well.
  2. And then clean with a rag. Let the shoes dry.

With this spray, you can clean your shoes from oil stains, mud, dirt.


WD-40 is a multi-purpose product. It differs from many cleaners in the market.

If you have an idea about its uses, you will start to love this product, and you will get addicted to using this product. You can see the full specifications of WD-40 on Amazon.

Perhaps I can give you an idea of ​​100+ uses for wd-40. And hopefully, that will help you.

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  1. Edward Takahashi

    Can I use WD 40 to unclog my toilet bowl? If so, what are the procedures? Thank you in advance for the reply.

    1. The Consumer Tips

      Thank you for the query.

      WD-40 is a reliable multi-use product. With this product, you can do various household chores. Also, with the help of WD-40, you can easily clean the toilet bowl.

      (1) Spray a small amount of WD-40 on the affected area of ​​the toilet bowl, and (2) Wait a few minutes. (3) Then finally brush it with a toilet brush.

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