12 Best Paint For Rocks (Waterproof) In 2024

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Creativity shouldn’t be limited to paper. Children need to develop through a variety of arts that will encourage them to discover a variety of paintings.

Rock painting is a great way to improve your creativity and memory skills. For rock painting, children are encouraged to think of their own designs and patterns on their stones to enhance their creativity and discover the artistic side.

But you can’t paint the rocks with ordinary colors. Or the paintings are ruined by the contact of water.

As a result, We’ve come up with the best paint for rocks to give you the art of rock painting. With it, you can pattern in various projects including rock. And it is safe for people of all ages.

Read about some of the brightest, waterproof, best paints, and choose the one you need.



  • Creativity For Kids Hide And Rock Painting Kit
  • ? 10 excellent river rocks
  • ? Fully waterproof
  • ? 8 paint colors
  • ? Quick-drying
  • ? Work on Multiple Surface
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  • ARTIQO Paint Pens For Rock Painting
  • ? 15 solid color
  • ?Package with 25 designs
  • ? Smooth flow
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  • Beric Premium Paint Pens 12 pack Oil-based Paint Marker
  • ? 12 different brightly color
  • ? Weather-resistant
  • ? Easy To Use
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  • REAEON Paint Pens, Acrylic Paint Markers
  • ? 18 Unique colors
  • ? Water-resistant
  • ? Quick-drying
  • ? Work on Multiple Surface
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  • AKARUED Acrylic Paint Marker Pens for rock painting

  • ? It is non-toxic
  • ? 12 vibrant colors
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  • Pedy 22 Colors Paint Marker Pens for Rock Painting

  • ? 22 unique painting colors
  • ? Water & fade resistant
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  • Beager Acrylic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting


  • ? 30 mixed colors
  • ? Non-toxic
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  • Anpro 14 Color Acrylic Pen, Stone Painting Set

  • ? 14 vibrant colors
  • ? Non-toxic
  • ? Mandala painting templates
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  • Kinderific Waterproof Rock Painting Kit

  • ? Includes 10 Large Rocks
  • ? Waterproof
  • ? Versatile features
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  • KipiPol Rock Painting Kit for Kids 

  • ? 10 smooth river rocks
  • ? 12 vibrant color
  • ?Waterproof
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  • BOKIN Rock Painting Kit

  • ? 10 handpicked river rocks
  • ? 0.7 mm tip black acrylic pen
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  • Crayola Rock Painting Art Kit for Kids

  • ? 8 colors
  • ? 4 acrylic metallic markers
  • ? A paint mixer
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1. Creativity For Kids Hide And Rock Painting Kit


Hide & Seek includes all you need to draw, decorate, and hide rocks.

This creative painting kit is based on the trend of hiding and seeks painted rocks started by the kindness rocks project.

This art craft includes 10 river rocks, 8 waterproof paint colors, two paintbrushes, a rock transfer design, and a tracking sticker suitable for beginner rock paintings for users to paint.

This creativity For Kids Hide And Rock Painting Kit is perfect for you, your friends, and your family to paint rocks to hide outdoors to spread kindness, encouragement, and happiness.

What we like:

  • Rock is supplied: 10 excellent river rocks with color are provided.
  • It is waterproof: It is waterproof so the colors don’t fade on contact with water.

2. ARTIQO Paint Pens For Rock Painting


We believe that creativity should not be limited to paper. As a result, we’ve come up with oil-based paint pens for rock painting pens.

With the help of one color pen, you can bring your imagination to life in many projects ranging from rock mandels to mug art, ceramics, wood, ornaments, etc.

This waterproof art craft has 15 solid color palettes for your painting, which gives you a variety of colors. And comes with a complete package with 25 designs to spark creative streaks.

ARTOQO’S Oil-Based Medium Point Paint Pen Premier is great for its industrial quality.

These paints are waterproof, weather-resistant, and come with a smooth flow. Easy to use for adults and children.


What we like:

  • Versatility: Rock, mug, ceramic, etc wood can be painted with one pen.
  • Provide different color types: There are 15 different solid colors for art.

3. Beric Premium Paint Pens


The amazing bright ink of premium paint pens is the incredible color and skill, which distinguishes Beric from other paint pens.

The package comes with 12 different brightly colored mute pack boxes to diversify your creative paintings. With which you can unleash your creativity on paper, wood, plastic, rubber canvas, and even metal.

You can also write on canvas shoes, skateboard, surfboard, home appliances, etc. All over, Berick’s premium paint pens provide a safe and great package for people of all ages.


What We Like:

  • Guarantee: If the user is not satisfied, the product is backed up with a 90-day quality return guarantee.
  • Different color’s pen: 12 different types of colors have been provided.

4. REAEON Paint Pens, Acrylic Paint Markers


The acrylic paint pen set is great for achieving a variety of creative experiences without limitations. Acrylic paint pens provide vivid, waterproof, fade-resistant, and quick-drying-premium ink.

Which ensures that your beautiful creations last a long time. The acrylic paint markers with ink packages are provided with a wide range of 16 unique waterproof paints.

With which you can easily draw on the surface with glass, ceramic, plastic mugs including rock. 0.8mm nylon tips are provided to support your drawing, fine line work, and detailed DIY projects.

Acrylic paint pens are independently tested and selected to ensure your expected performance. For which, this paint is best for rock design.


What We Like:

  • With different abilities: It is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and dries quickly and lasts a long time
  • It Supplies different colors: 18 unique colors are provided

5. AKARUED Acrylic Paint Marker Pens for rock painting


Our next package is Acrylic’s water-based paint, which provides great color for crafts on a variety of projects, including rock.

Water-based acrylic craft painting pens will be best for you if you want your painting to dry quickly and retain its durability on the surfaces. Its painting calls are highly dyed and create a very durable opaque glossy finish.

Acrylic provides 12 vibrant colors, made with a 2-3mm medium point tip that is easy to control and use. Watercolors are also safe and non-toxic.

However, children should use them properly with adults and under 3 years applies to children.


What we like:

  • It is non-toxic: The color is safe and non-toxic.
  • Provides different colors: Acrylic provides 12 vibrant colors.

6. Pedy 22 colors Paint Markers pens for Rock painting


Pady paint marker pens Provide 22 great unique colors to paint beautifully your rock paintings.
These waterproof paints are non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly to inspire your kid’s creativity.

As a result, the Pady Stone Marker Pen is safe for your kids and is able to make great painting trips.

Note: Not applicable to kids under 3 years old.

We are satisfied with this paint marker because the surface of these pens produces a very durable opaque and glossy finish.

For your creative painting, this package comes with 22 different waterproof, chemical stable high-quality colors with which you can easily paint on metal, ceramic, glass, wood, etc.


What we like:

  • Lots of colors are given: contains 22 great unique painting colors for your creative painting.

7. Beager Acrylic Paint Pens 0.7 mm For Rock Painting


If you want to craft your rock with more colors then Beager Acrylic paint pens will be the best choice for you. To enhance your creativity, the paint pen set is provided with 30 mixed colors.

Due to the versatile and waterproof properties of acrylic paint pens, you can easily create crafts in 0.7 mm stone metal paper glass, card, rock, wood, etc. As a gift item Beager Acrylic Paint pens will be best for you.


What we like:

  • The versatility of color: Color can be given in different projects.
  • Mixed color is given: Paint set is provided with 30 mixed colors.

8. Anpro 14 color Acrylic pen


Our next package is Anpro Acrylic Pen which uses bright water-based ink. This waterproof craft dries quickly and provides high opacity which helps you to have a fun experience of painting.

To develop your rock painting and creativity, the template is used in Mandala’s painting to drawing 14 vibrant colors and subtle directions, including a 2mm nib in the box.

Due to the versatility of the package, the project can be painted in wood, glass, plastic, etc.

Anpro pen is tasteless and non-toxic which is tested with Lahama, TRA, and EN71. We believe that it can be an ideal gift to satisfy rock lovers in your life.


What we like:

  • Supplies Different types of color: 14 vibrating colors including 2 nibs have been provided.
  • Versatile features: Various things like raw, wood, glass, plastic can be painted.

9. Kinderific Waterproof Rock Painting Kit includes 10 Ricks


Kinderific waterproof Rock Painting Kit is a great little package that provides everything you need to design your rock.

There are lots of colors in the box with good quality brushes to make a beautifully designed rock.

Kinderific rock painting set is non-toxic and BPA free. As a result, it is safe for kids, and for them, it is an ultimate activity to enjoy colorful design.

It offers 12 different colors, including 10 stones, for rock lovers to enjoy their creativity. It also includes great instructions such as a sponge, water cup, stand, googly eyes, and paint palette that make your painting easier.

This package is best for rock painting so it can be a great gift for rock lovers.


What we like:

  • Provides rock with color: It offers 12 different colors, including 10 Stones.

10. KipiPol Rock Painting Kit For Kids


Looking for an educational, ideal gift item for your child? Then this rock painting kit can be a great solution for you that will give your kid the ultimate fun.

KipiPol Rock painting promotes imagination and creativity for children and these crafts can have a great time exposing themselves 10 smooth riverbeds for painting with 2 brushes for rock design.

Transfer 12 waterproof vibration tubs and 2 sticker sheets. Also, 15 googly eyes are provided with everything you need.

This set is a great way to spread joy and beauty and one of the most fun outdoor games for kids.


What we like:

  • Provided Lots of guidance: Many guidelines have been provided for smooth Design.

11. BOKIN Rock Painting Kit


To inspire your child’s rock creativity is provided everything you need in the Bokin Rock Painting package.

This water-resistant insect uses a 0.7 mm tip black acrylic pen with 12 acrylic pigments with 1 handpick. Also provided are 1 sticker painting palette tray, 3 transfer stickers, and 20 Google Eye sticker guides.

This paint kit is safe for kids and adults can use it effortlessly. And great for a rock design.


What we like:

  • Stones have been supplied: 10 handpick river rocks have been provided.
  • Lots of guidelines: Lots of guidelines for the perfect design of your rock design.

12. Crayola Rock Painting Art Kit For Kids


The Crayola rock painting kit is a great way for you to make your ordinary stones look amazing.

The painting craft gives children the strength to express their creativity and provides glazes for crafts with 8 great colors to discover their paintings.

There are also other guidelines for doing all your rock painting without hassles such as 4 acrylic metallic markers, a paint mixer, a tip, and a reusable tub on the tricks card. Crayola is a flexible way for artistic inspiration.


What we like:

  • Contains Different colors: 8 great colors to discover your paintings.


How do you prepare rocks for painting?

Get Ready for paint your rock in these few simple processes.

Clean the rock: Wash the selected rock thoroughly with soap and water. If there is stubborn dirt on the rock you can take it with the help of a brush. Rub well with a brush, and wash the rock once the dirt is removed. After cleaning, dry the rock.

Smooth the rock: When it is sure to be cleaned, you can smooth the rock with the help of a sandpaper.

Add base coat: Add base coat and dry the base coat well before painting. If the rock needs to be add primer, apply base coat on top of it.

What do you use to seal rocks before painting?

To make the painting lasting and more excellent, it is better to seal the rock. So before painting, you can use a sealer spray to seal the rock. Apply sealer to the rocks with a brush.

The sealer makes the rock brighter and more vibrant.

How do you make acrylic paint look glossy?

You can apply high gloss varnish to make acrylic paint shiny.

When you have finished painting, dry it well and then apply varnish. If there is not enough shine then add more binders to it.

You can also mix gloss medium in the paint palette.


Learn about the needs of you and your kids. Pick something that is safe and non-toxic for them to help raise creative children.

These sets express the imagination of the children and help them to have a great time.

Collect one of these waterproof paints and create your rock design.

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