8 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack Review In 2024

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Are you going for a business trip, college or school, or any adventurous tour? With your other accessories, you also need to carry your digital gadget.

The backpack maximizes your chances to cope with whatever may come your way. We understand how essential a role a laptop backpack plays in your everyday lifestyle.

So after comprehensive research of the present market situation, here we bring on the top 8 best waterproof laptop backpacks in 2023 with consumer tips.

Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack


While one is about to choose a waterproof tech backpack, so many questions roam in mind like- Is my laptop safe in this backpack? How durable is this backpack?

How spacious or convenient is this one? Can I make it through bad weather? And, so many other things to ask for about laptop backpacks. Let’s have a peek at our laptop backpack to get all your answers-



BAGSMART Laptop Backpack

  • BAGSMART Laptop Backpack
  • ? Professional backpack
  • ? Easy & Quick Access
  • ? Include a rain cover
  • ? A tripod holder
  • ? 12.59″L x 17.3″H x 6.3″W
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LUXUR Business Laptop Backpack

  • LUXUR Business Laptop Backpack
  • ? Durable Polyester fabric
  • ? Scratch-resistant
  • ? 19.68 x 13.3 x 8.4 inches
  • ? Pouch for iPad
  • ? 12 Multi-Pockets
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KAKA 35L Travel Backpack

  • KAKA 35L Travel Backpack
  • ? Durable anti-theft
  • ? Terylene oxford fabric
  • ? Scratch Resistant
  • ? H 20.5 x L 11.8 x W 7.1 inches
  • ? Multifunctional Daypacks
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1. BAGSMART Laptop Backpack


BAGSMART Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • Fully convertible: by taking out the middle chamber, you can use it as a travel bag.
  • Convenient usability: Provides easier and quicker access to your gadget and other accessories.
  • Anti-theft functionality: its secured zip-up option and two main compartments keep your gear secured against would-be thieves.
  • Always supportive and comfortable: This bag supports an exterior tripod holder and comes with adjustable straps.

The very first name from our top countdown is the BAGSMART laptop backpack with a smart incognito outlook that suits your everyday professional look. With 12.59” length, 17.3” height, and 6.3” width, this tough backpack gives you space to carry15.6” a laptop or tablet, notebooks, DSLR camera, and camera accessories.

The 210D water-resistant and durable polyester makes this backpack ready to use in whatever way you want. Equipped with heavy-duty padded adjustable shoulder straps and wide waist and chest straps gives you ultimate comfort while carrying. Zipping up from the backside enhances the anti-theft feature and provides security while walking.

The two compartments- upper and lower provide you with enough space to carry your gadget. Offering more storage options for your other accessories like cables, battery, memory cards, charger, etc, the internal and external pockets make this lightweight waterproof laptop backpack stand superior to average travel bags.

The BAGSMART bag comes with a rain cover that allows you to conceal the bag from top to bottom in bad weather or use it as travel-carry on.

2. LUXUR Business Laptop Backpack

LUXUR Business Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • High quality: Durable Oxford spinning polyester fabric ensures high quality.
  • Lots of storage options: Comes with 12 pockets for multi-use giving enough storage solution.
  • Capacity: Great capacity to hold onto your necessary gadget and other accessories.
  • Anti-theft pocket: Designed with a hidden back pocket to protect your valuable gear.
  • Convenient to use: comfortable, easy to handle, and comes with a USB charging port.

For a perfect high-performance day, we present the LUXUR business laptop backpack from our researched list. Along with an ergonomic design this backpack suits business, travel, school, or hiking purposes.

The scratch-tolerable anti-tear super durable Oxford spinning polyester fabric makes this backpack a heavy-duty performer. Its capacity of 37L allows you to hold up to a precisely 15.6-inch laptop and also includes a small iPad pouch.

You get lots of storage options with the 12 multi-pockets including 1 main laptop compartment, 1 main zip pocket, 1 outer front, and 1 small zip pocket, 2 side pockets consisting of an inner small pocket, 1 back zip pocket, and 3 inner pockets for carrying a notebook, phone or wallet. As per comfort is concerned, the breathable high elasticity back and S-shaped straps won’t let you down.

You can wash this water-resistant backpack with normal-temperature clean water. Avoid using alkaline detergent or hot water to remain longevity.


3. KAKA 35l Travel Backpack

KAKA 35L Travel Backpack

Key Features:

  • Durable travel bag: Made of high-grade materials and standard features.
  • Spacious compartments: consist of 10 separate pockets providing enough space for your items.
  • Multi-functional backpack: You can it in several different ways.
  • Easy to use and comfortable: Adjustable and padded shoulder straps with ring-shaped loops.

The 3rd one KAKA 35l travel backpack is an urban best companion for all your outdoor activities with an internal optimization design. Its professional look makes you more confident with amazing features such as high-quality materials, anti-theft functionality, water and scratch resistance, top-grade soft decompression padded strap, spacious compartments, and many more.

This lightweight waterproof laptop backpack allows you to carry an iPad, laptop, wallet, A4 files, clothes, and others with 10 different pockets. The 40L large-capacity backpack includes 1 center zip pocket, 3 front zip pockets, 2 small straps, and 1 side mesh pocket. These roomy compartments give you the facility of storing your stuff separately.

This all-in-all system backpack is suitable for any purpose anywhere. The breathable and elastic made shoulder and back straps increase the comfort level. The adjustable waistband and 4 ring-shaped loops result in easier usability.

However, you’re recommended not to pack goods of more than 30 pounds for their better longevity.

4. WITZMAN Travel Backpack

WITZMAN Travel Backpack

Key Features:

  • High-quality material: Made of water and scratch-repellent-coated nylon.
  • Multiple carrying options: several handles ensure multiple carrying options.
  • Versatility: adjustable and removable straps result in versatility.
  • Capacity: Comes with sufficient space to carry all stuff.

No one gives you ultimate rigidness along with a stylish look as our 4th pick – the WITZMAN travel backpack offers you. This rugged laptop back promises you a new level of durability with water and scratch-tolerable frosted nylon fabric and PU leather.

Whether a duffel bag, backpack, or tote bag; along with multiple handles and a removal shoulder strap this backpack features three ways to carry on it. Carrying all your items is easier with this large-capacity backpack.

1 main pocket along with a 12 to 16-inch laptop, pen and smaller pockets, 1 side pocket, and 2 front zip-pocket- all these provide you with a lot of space. Did we talk about the interesting feature of it?

There is a zip pocket on the backside that can hide shoulder straps and let you freely use it without a strap.

The WITZMAN backpack stands superior from others throughout the world with its great service.

5. Mark Ryden waterproof business laptop backpack

Mark Ryden waterproof business laptop backpack

Key Features:

  • Great Organizer: Comes with a separate compartment for carrying a laptop and iPad.
  • Quicker access zip-pocket: This consists of a quicker access zip-pocket for your glasses, bottles, and valuable belongings.
  • Waterproof and durable: Made of sturdy and water-resistant high-quality material.
  • Multiple carrying options: You can carry this at your convenient way.
  • Comfortable: Provides total comfort and reduces pressure equally effectively.

Our 5th pick is a very stylish and smart-looking Markryden waterproof business laptop backpack. Your professional look gets one level higher with this waterproof backpack with a laptop sleeve. The Mark Ryden backpack features enough storage with 2 padded laptop sleeves, 2 mesh pockets, 2 front, and 2 normal pockets.

This 17” inch laptop backpack waterproof organizer also brings a zip pocket for quick access to your glasses. Realizing your requirement, there is a bottle carrying side pocket and anti-theft pockets for carrying valuable things of yours.

Not a single drop of water can get penetrated the backpack through the new-generation water-resistant PU material surface and waterproof SBS zippers. Effectively reduces the pressure on your shoulder and back while carrying with the air-cushioned shoulder and backside straps.


The specialty of this waterproof backpack with a laptop sleeve is that it comes with a compass design on the waist belt. Though it can protect your important belongings from being drizzled, avoid exploring in heavy rain.

6. Advocator Business Backpack

Advocator Business Backpack

Key Feature:

  • Waterproof sleeve: this backpack comes with a laptop and iPad water-resistant sleeve
  • Enough space: Provides you enough space to carry your gadget separately and other necessary belonging without a mess.
  • Very comfy to carry: adjustable shoulder straps give you comfort while carrying
  • Quick-release: the hook with the key chain causes quick release.

If you’re looking for a convenient option that reduces bulk and at the same time, eliminates all the hassle of carrying; then our 6th pick the Advocator business backpack is what you need. Designed with a very standard look, this is suitable for school, college, travel, and business purposes.

This Thule pack n pedal backpack gives you easy access with the main zipper chamber equipped with a 14-inch laptop sleeve, an iPad sleeve, a front zip pocket with 2 inner pouches, and a keychain. You can easily carry on your umbrella or bottle with the 2 side pockets. The front pockets allow you a good place to hold your necessary items like keys, glasses, phone, and even passport.

The nylon fabric ensures ultimate durability and the two “S” lined padded shoulder straps; following the system of back pressure-relieving, give you carrying comfort. This backpack is very durable due to its abrasion-resistant zippers with a large metal tab. May whatever you take in this bag, don’t get messed up altogether as this is very well-organized.

This water-resistant laptop backpack brings you total support that you can’t live without.

7. Hanke Laptop Backpack

Hanke Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • High-quality material: Made of level 4 durable water-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Anti-theft functionality: Hidden zipper and backside pockets prevent thieves.
  • User-friendly: Built-in USB port provides a user-convenient feature.
  • Enough space: Multi-chambers able to hold onto many items.

In the present day, the laptop backpack is a ubiquitous item. Not only elders, but this waterproof tech backpack has also become famous among people of all ages. Our 7th pick the Hanke laptop backpack is especially for college, or school students.

Its modish look with an anti-theft design makes this backpack suitable for your daily use. 14” laptop easily gets fits in it with the 2 slots for a laptop and iPad.

Being equipped with a USB charging port allows you to charge your cellphone anywhere anytime. Long-lasting usage capability comes from durable polyester and 4-grade water-resistant materials.

A stranger or thief would get surprised while trying to open the hidden zippers of this tough backpack. It is hard to find out easily your valuable stuff thieves with the back and side pocket placed behind the backpack.

While carrying the backpack, the “S” lined shoulder straps as well as the padded back panel absorb shocks and reduces stress. And, the interesting feature is its strips reflect in the dark.

This rucksack backpack doesn’t come with a battery. So, the user has to take his/her power bank.

8. KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpack

KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • Slim design: Comes with an easy-to-use slim waterproof design.
  • Waterproof fabric and zipper: Keep your stuff out of the rain and helps the bag avoid rain infiltration.
  • Comfortable & Supportive: Gives you complete back support and comfort while using.
  • Backside hidden pocket: Ensures safe, easy, and quick access to your items while walking.

Keeping in mind our urban lifestyle, our 8th pick- the KOPAC slim laptop backpack is perfect to use as an everyday commuter. Its double water-repellent slim design makes your daily outdoor activity easier and gives you a smart look.

While outdoor, unexpected rainfall can’t make you worried as this waterproof computer backpack is made of anti-scratch oxford water-resistant fabric and a waterproof zipper.

This trendy backpack makes your everyday situations easier with an external USB cable and a backside hidden pocket. Easy charging your smartphone, keeping your stuff safe and quick access to the necessary belongings- what more one can expect from a daily-use backpack?

Its ergonomic design includes reinforced S-shaped padded stress-relieving shoulder straps which are well-fit to the human body. 14-15 inch laptop easily gets fit with the elastic band equipped padded laptop sleeve.

This waterproof backpack with a laptop sleeve helps you to avoid fumbling around in search of something with multiple pockets. Moreover, the reflective strip, sunglass holder, and shoulder card slot- make this backpack stand out from the crowd.

However, this timbuk2 waterproof backpack allows you an easy charging option, but you need to carry your power bank.


A lightweight waterproof laptop backpack keeps your gadget safe from rain, dust, splashes and whatever may come. For men and women, one of the important stuff is a trendy-looking backpack. This is because; it is so suitable, comfortable, and beautiful to carry your necessary gear.

But, how would you choose the best one to purchase?  Before taking your final decision just go through the following buying advice which would lead you to the perfect laptop backpack meant for you-

 How the backpack does look?

Whenever you purchase a daily-use accessory, looks matter. You can see different styles of backpacks available in the market. From techy to tote, backpack to the sleeve, messenger to sling- choose as per your requirement.

What you are looking for?

What you’re looking for impacts what to purchase. For example, if you want a laptop backpack for traveling then your backpack should come up with easy accessibility, packability, airport security, and protection.

On the other hand, for the everyday commuter performance go for the Thule pack n pedal backpack. This allows you to easily get your laptop without digging through the stuff of the backpack.

Are they waterproof?

As we don’t know when a rainstorm is about to come, your laptop bag needs to be water-resistant. Weather is always changeable for obvious reasons and you have to be all-time prepared for any situation. Go for a waterproof thick fabric-made backpack that results in water-wicking. To prevent water leakage, look for tight stitching at the zipper.

Do they provide comfort?

You must not want to take load-pressure screaming on your back through the day. Select the one that evenly distributes the weight of your belongings on your back and shoulder.

What materials are used to make it?

Nowadays, coming out of traditional cotton canvas material, backpacks are being made of polyester, nylon, leather, or other mixing variation. Though they’re super light and sturdy, leather-made backpacks are comparatively heavier and expensive as well.


There are so many things to consider while buying a waterproof laptop bag. Though by now you have come across those milestones, we’d like to make you aware of a few more points to consider before purchasing.

  • Choose based on your height and backpack size

The backpack size and your height- both of these points result in your comfort. So, while buying, give a detailed look at them. It would be better if you go to a store and give some trial to different sized backpacks. This will help you to understand what size mostly suits you.

  • Take a look at the pack

To know the backpack in detail before purchasing it, you should take a look at the pack and understand if that’s appropriate for you or not.


Are Laptop Bags Waterproof?

Surely, laptop bags are waterproof. Laptop bags are made of water-resistant material such as rubber or plastic to keep your laptop secure. The contents of the bag ensure that your laptop is protected from moisture and heat.

Are Laptops Safe in Backpacks?

If you have a separate compartment to keep the laptop in your backpack, you can keep the laptop safe.

However, you should take other steps for extra protection, in which case you can consider a compact case in the backpack, which will keep your device safe.

Which Fabric Is Water-Resistant?

After going through rigorous testing nylon, TPU, FARP, and Cordura- these fabrics are super water-resistant.

How to Wash a Laptop Backpack?

It’s better to clean the laptop bag normally with look warm water by hand. Use any neutral detergent and gently scrub the dirty area with a soft brush or sponge.

Can You Dry Your Laptop with The Dryer?

The answer is “No”. Don’t take the risk as the dryer can damage your backpack.

Can I Use the Laptop Backpack as a Hand Baggage?

Yes, the laptop backpack can be used as your hand baggage.



So, finally, here we’ve come through the laptop backpack for you. Following our guidelines, you can choose the perfect one that suits your purpose and personality. Don’t make a compromise on quality with price.

Your good experience makes it worth investing in the lightweight waterproof laptop backpack.  Hopefully, you find our best laptop backpack review useful, and also lead you to go for the best one.

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