Top 7 Best Sealer for Painted Rocks – Buying Tips

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Every craft, rock art lover wants to make their designed models more durable with a glossy finish and beauty enhancement. As a result, paint rocks require a finisher that helps to brighten the paint without spoiling it.

We recommend the best sealer for painted rocks to make your rocks shiny. Which ensures protection from the weather, dirt, water, and other projects including the use of rock painting, and makes it long-lasting. There are many types of sealers, not all of which are waterproof. Or poor-quality sealers can ruin your creativity.

But don’t worry, we will give you some of the best quality sealers that you can safely use on your models. Then read on and choose the one you need.

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  • The Gloss Brush-on Sealer for Non fired Acrylics
  • ? Used for plaster craft
  • ? Non-toxic
  • ? Easy to use
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  • Mod Podge CSll302 Water-base Sealer
  • ? Versatility
  • ? Easy to use
  • ? Give a smooth and matte finish
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  • Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Water-based Sealer
  • ? Easy to use
  • ? Versatile feature
  • ? Provides a glossy finish
  • ? Durability
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  • Minwax Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Finishes
  • ? Easy to apply
  • ? Dries fast
  • ? Matte finish
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  • Krylon K03800000 Glitter Blast, Clear Sealer
  • ? Easy to use
  • ? Durability
  • ? Dries quickly
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  • Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-9004 Paint Sealer
  • ? Provide a glossy finish
  • ? Durability
  • ? Safe to use
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  • Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103 Gloss Sealer
  • ? High Gloss Sealer
  • ? Long-lasting
  • ? Safe to use
  • ? Water-based sealer
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1. The Gloss Brush-on Sealer for Non fired Acrylics

Surely you want to make your crafts more smooth and durable. So you should look for a better quality sealer. As a result, we recommend you to choose The Gloss Brush-on Sealer.

It provides a hard smooth coating on non-fired models painted with your acrylic paint. Also works very well with folk art and apple paints.

The brush on the sealer is non-toxic so it will be safe for you to use. It dries nicely very quickly and is very easy to use. The brush on sealer is the best solution to give a bright finish to your crafts.


2. Mod Podge CSll302 Waterbase Sealer

Mod Podge is an amazing kit for sealing and gluing that gives your craft a great smooth and matte finish. The adhesive kit, remarkably, builds up projects with multiple coats and dries in just 15-20 minutes.

Made in the USA, this brand is very flexible, and for its versatile features, you can easily use it to preserve the beauty of crafts in various projects such as wood, fabric, plastic, etc.

Mod podge is made with high-quality non-toxic craftsmanship which is safe for your use.

3. Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterbased Sealer

Mod Podge is a great way to preserve the beauty of your rock craft. This innovative retro sealer is flexible and uses extreme glitter which gives an amazing gloss finish.

Mod Podge with the adhesive finish is suitable for use in your various projects. With this great kit, you can easily coat the crafts and it dries quickly with a smooth finish.

Also, the Mod Podge product is non-toxic which makes it safe for you to use. This product is the best solution to give long-lasting durability to the crafts.

4. Minwax 244444444 Minwax Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Finishes

Minwax is especially suitable for artists and craft lovers. The Minwax sealer gives your paint a protective coating on rock and other designed projects and makes them shiny with topcoat.

The water-based formula of the product allows easy cleaning of soap and water. The kit has no strong odor and can be applied very easily.

It dries nicely very quickly and makes the craft durable. Minwax is very effective for keeping the color right and has a great finish.

5. Krylon K03800000 Glitter Blast, Clear Sealer

The Krylon glitter blast sealer is a great product for you if you want to shine in rock craft. Krylon coats very well in plastic and a variety of creative crafts, including rock, which provides a uniquely intense sparkling glitter finish.

Great for rock lovers, it makes your rock paints shiny and durable and also retains color. The easy-to-use product dries in just 20 minutes.

The sealer is acid-free for and safe to use. Krylon is an easy way to have fun finishing crafts.

6. Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-9004 Paint Sealer

The Rain Guard paint sealer is amazingly effective in enhancing the beauty of the paint without any damage to the color, texture.

This kit allows you to apply this sealer to your rock paint, stone, wood, powders, etc. Which enhances the durability of your paints with a glossy finish.

The sealer creates mechanical bonds by providing hydrophobic barriers to ensure the projects are protected from dirt, UV light temperatures. The sealer is safe and great to use.

7. Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103 Gloss Sealer

Our next choice is the Rain Guard Gloss Sealer. Which finishes your projects nicely with a gloss finish and makes them more durable.

The package is safe to use and can be easily cleaned for its water-based formula. The sealer is low VOC and a low odor.

One of the great aspects of this is the weather protective properties that ensure that your models are protected from dirt, salt, and freezing temperatures.

This sealer is one of the easiest to use and brighten up projects.


Can I use clear nail polish to seal acrylic paint?

Nail polish doesn’t go away when it dries permanently, it makes the painting shiny like a sealer. So,clear nail polish can be used instead of sealer.

Can you seal painted rocks with PVA glue?

Yes, you can seal the rock painted with PVA glue.

Once the painted rock is well dried, apply two layers of PVA Glue on it well, and let the glue dry.

Can you use hairspray to seal painted rocks?

Acrylic paints or other types of paints cannot be sealed using hair spray.

Hairspray Doesn’t dry permanently. It is not waterproof so when in contact with water or other liquids can ruin your painting.

You can use good quality sealer spray to seal the rock. This will make your rock waterproof and durable.

How do you seal a river rock?

You can seal river rock with the help of a sealer.

Apply sealer to the rock with a paintbrush. When well coated, let the sealer dry. The sealant takes 48-72 hours to dry completely.

At the end of drying Coat the sealant on the rock for the second time and let it dry again.


Sealer is a reliable way to give a shiny look to creative projects. It is also possible to increase the durability of paint rocks by applying sealant.
As a result, based on various researches, we have found some of the best quality sealers for you. You can safely use them in projects and get the best results. So, choose your rock paint as the best sealer and make your paints shiny.

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