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Inkjet printers are a popular printer for home and office users because of their low cost and convenience. However, one downside to using inkjet printers is that the ink can smudge or run if it gets wet.

In this blog post, we will show you how to make your inkjet printer ink waterproof so that you can print in any weather conditions!

There are several special ways to make your inkjet ink waterproof. The methods are mentioned below:

How to Make Inkjet Ink Waterproof

Method-1: Waterproof Spray Coat

Step-1: The first step is to collect the materials you need. For this project, you need an inkjet printer, waterproof spray paint, and a piece of cardboard or plaster.

Step-2: Once you have assembled all your materials, the next step is to print your image on a card or piece of card.

Step-3: After you print your copy, the next step is to spray on your artwork. Be sure to use the right technique when spraying. In this case, place and spray 10 inches away from your selected spray artwork.

Step-4: First, apply a light layer and let it dry. Make sure the applied spray dries well.

Step-5: At this stage Spray again. In this way, you can apply 3-5 layers. Once the paint dries, the ink inkjet will be waterproof and weather resistant. You can now print any, you can not save your ink stains.

Method 2: Laminate Inkjet Print with Clear Vinyl Laminate

Step-1: Select a vinyl laminate sheet with an adhesive. And take a large vinyl laminate than the size of your entire artwork.

Step-2: At this stage, carefully cut out vinyl laminate sheets that are slightly larger than your artwork.

Step-3: Place the laminate pieces on top of the artwork. Make sure the laminate sticks well.

  Note: You can avoid covering the registration mark to avoid errors in machine reading.  


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