Stickers vs. Labels – What’s the Actual Difference?

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Many people may not know the difference between stickers and labels. They think that these two are probably the same thing. And the funny thing is, that’s what I once thought.

Although the two items seem to be the same, but there are some differences between them.

And, the differences can be observed in the purpose, use, and other aspects of making stickers and labels.

So, you need to know the difference between stickers and labels. Then you will understand which one you should use.
Keep reading our full article to know the difference between labels and stickers.

Stickers vs. Labels

What is the sticker?

A sticker is basically a type of label. You will find it in different sizes, colors, and designs. A sticker is a piece of paper with a picture or text on one side and a sensitive adhesive on the other.

What are stickers used for?

These stickers can be used if you want to promote a brand. Because stickers are very effective in advertising a brand.
It is commonly used in lunch boxes, lockers, cars, doors, windows, and a variety of other items.

That is, the use of these stickers in identifying an object with ideas is quite popular. These stickers can be attached to a product packet.

What is the label?

Basically labels help to use any sold product or brand. That is, you will find the full idea of ​​a product in this label.

What are labels used for?

These labels are used as product packaging to provide product marketing, product information, and caution. For example, do not keep this product in a damp place.

However, labels focus on information and caution rather than marketing. For example instructions for use, precautions, date of manufacture and expiration date, materials, specification, etc. are included.


Similarities Between sticker and labels

There are some similarities between the labels and the stickers, as mentioned below:

  • Labels and stickers are both made of adhesive.
  • You can order as many as you need.
  • Both stickers and labels can be made in different sizes, colors, and designs.
  • Permanent or removable glue is used in making these, paper is provided to protect this ‘sticky’ glue.
  • Almost the same type of material is used for printing.

Different Between sticker and labels


  • Most stickers have no specific destination.
  • Does not fit certain shapes and sizes.
  • Design is given more prominence in making stickers.
  • Stickers are mainly used for brand introduction, promotion.
  • It is cut separately.
  • The stickers are cut separately.
  • It does not last.
  • The sticker adheres to the smooth surface.


  • Labels are created for a specific product, container, or use.
  • It has to be made in a specific shape to be used in a specific place.
  • Information and product caution is paramount when creating labels.
  • It is used in a variety of brand applications.
  • Labels are basically attached to something and give instructions and information about it.
  • Labels are a complete sheet.
  • It tends to be permanent and removable.
  • Labels adhere to the surface of a variety of items, including plastic.

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  1. Martha Wills

    Emma, What an exciting read! Several significant distinctions exist between the almost identical items’ stickers and labels. Stickers, for example, are often made of quality, thick vinyl and are used for marketing or as part of the packaging. On the other hand, labels are produced using a thinner BOPP film and are more commonly used in manufacturing to provide information since they peel faster.

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